Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free Kindle Book (and a bit of spring!)

Didn’t I use this title once before? I believe I might have!

Doesn’t matter…it’s still true! Found a good read, want to share it with you! ((And that wasn’t intended to rhyme either!))

When You Went Away, by Michael Baron, is free on Kindle. This is a contemporary romance published by The Story Plant.

Book Description:

Only a few months ago, Gerry Rubato had everything he thought he needed from life. He was passionately in love with his college sweetheart after nearly twenty years of marriage, he had a bright, independent-minded daughter, and he had the surprising addition of a new child on the way. Then everything changed with stunning rapidity. With little explanation, his daughter ran away with her older boyfriend. Then, only a month after giving birth to their son, his wife died suddenly. Now, Gerry needs to be everything to his infant child while he contends with two losses he can barely comprehend. And when a woman walks into his life as a friend and their relationship verges on something more, Gerry must redefine all that he knows about himself, about love, about loyalty, and about his dreams.

An emotionally charged novel filled with warmth, humor, wisdom, and unforgettable characters, When You Went Away is a novel you will take to your heart.

So what if I’m reading it to get my mind off “Other Things”…it was exceptionally nice last evening just to sit on my porch swing and read and listen to birds and not have to talk out loud or do ANYTHING.

Before my porch-swing-session, Sadie and I took a little walk around the neighborhood to see what has bloomed in the last 2+ weeks that I’ve been gone!


But first…you see this new slab of concrete on my driveway? You can tell, it’s a different color than the rest…

alabama_mar_2011 039

It’s not an exceptionally WIDE driveway….just fairly normal. It does curve, and it does go down-hill toward the house…but you wouldn’t think it to be exceptional in any way---However, I will NEVER complain about the price of fabric rising again---This little slab of new driveway to replace the broken cracked bits? $1200.00!! UHHUH! Which would you rather have? $1200.00 worth of fabric to play with? Or $1200.00 worth of rock and concrete? Sleepy smile

I’m just glad we didn’t have to replace any more than we did.

The next thing to be done on the house this year? A new roof…and get rid of the skylights that were installed wrong ((Before we moved in)) that require the NEED for a new roof, and to replace the sheetrock that the leaking skylights have ruined, and find out how BADLY things are ruined INSIDE the ceiling. I have a feeling this would buy “A LOT” of fabric too. But we’ll do it. It will be worth it. We are thinking metal roof, since we are kind of in a woodsy area…and I’m pulling for RED. And paint the shutters red too to match. Not Green, I don’t want the place to look like a forest ranger lives here.

At the end of my driveway, I was greeted by a beautiful sight! Though it is hard to tell because of the angle of the sun in the pic…these trees of my neighbors are just GORGEOUS!

alabama_mar_2011 043

They have a lovely yellow house that looks so springy too…..as I walked down the street, I had to stop and take a pic of this lovely tree also:

alabama_mar_2011 042

I’m glad I got the pics yesterday…today is kind of windy and it is blowing around snow of a different kind…..PETALS! I know the blossoms will be gone within the next few days.

alabama_mar_2011 040

Further down the road and across the creek ---- These are the forsythia bushes I found Emmy Lou under! They are full of yellow blooms….and this is not a shy yellow at all, it just shouts SPRING out loud! I love the color of forsythia blossoms.

alabama_mar_2011 041

The sun was lower by the time I got to this house for this tree….and the color is WAY off. But it was just GORGEOUS, like a flowering weeping willow or something…the pink just cascades down the limbs.

The bradford pears are almost DONE with their blooming and the leaves are sprouting out now….There are a couple places I want to get pics of before they are all gone. Maybe this evening I’ll get out earlier and walk that way….my favorite place has some other pink trees blooming around a curve…So pretty.

Mail order is done. Post Office run done. Bank run done. Lunch with Karen also done! ((Thanks Karen!)) And tomorrow Miss Lisa and I are taking a trip down to Raleigh to go look at some antique quilts in the museum! Should be a fun day!


  1. Thank you SO much for all of the Kindle freebie updates! I am hooked - and I don't even have a Kindle! I downloaded the Kindle for PC version and now can enjoy reading while sitting at the computer - although I must confess that reading a "real" book is still my favorite! Karin

  2. I had driveway done last year, this year we need to paint the house. It is always something, we do one thing every year. Next year the kitchen.

  3. My husband had surgery last week for a benign brain tumor and when I went outside it was very windy and Bradford pear trees lined the driveway. Needless to say I had "snow" in my hair when I went back in. Petals were blowing every where! Thanks for the free book info.

  4. Okay, Bonnie, I've downloaded a free sample of 'When you went away' onto my NookColor.
    I'll read the sample tonight and decided if it's for me.
    Thanks for the heads up, I love to read and I love my NookColor.
    I am jealous of your color, our's here in mid-MO is just beginning. We have daffodils and forsythia just now showing their color.

  5. The spring pictures are beautiful..thanks for sharing. We replaced our roof about 3 years ago & went with aluminum that looks like shingles. Was pretty pricey, but has a lifetime guarntee. We chose a lite coffee aulait color.

  6. I am so jealous! Here in NW Wisconsin we have had rain, sleet, ice, and snow today and all our snow from this winter wasn't gone yet. It will be a long time before we see anything blooming.

  7. Bonnie (and everyone else) -- don't forget that your library has free e-book downloads, too! Go to your library's website, then to e-resources.
    Here's a list of supported devices:

    You can also download audiobooks so that you can 'read' while you sew.

  8. Bonnie, thank you for the links to the free ebooks. I just purchased the kindle and I am absolutely loving it. Penny

  9. Glad that you are getting some normal time at your home. Thanks for sharing pictures of the blooming trees. It is one of the things that I love about the South.

  10. The spring pictures are lovely...Up here in CT things are just starting to bud...I've only seen a few little flowers. One patch of daffodils, a few crocus and some snowdrops that always bloom first. Our weather here this time of year is so wishy-washy...Last week we had temps pushing 70* and between tomorrow and Thursday we're supposed to get snow! >_< OH! The pink weeping tree (I'm pretty sure) is a weeping cherry. We have a very large one in our front yard. Several of our neighbors have them as well. They are beautiful in bloom! :)

  11. Enjoy your museum outing! I vote for a red metal roof...

  12. Isn't it nice to have "normal" back again. At least you have not mentioned getting ready to go again. Take care sweet lady. Judy C

  13. I love your photos of your NC area. I'm heading to Spruce Pine to see my 1 and only grandchild and hug her to pieces. I enjoy your blog.

  14. Oh what beautiful spring pictures! We had snow Monday and more on the way tonight....we are a few weeks behind you so soon we'll have some flower trees and bulbs coming up! That is a weeping cherry by the way...no fruit just ornamental....a lovely long lived tree.

    Good for you for having days out with friends...gets your mind off your grieving....

    You do have to keep your home up , they really got a beating this winter didn't they? We keep doing improvements and the property values keep dropping in our area......but what can you do?
    I love the way the metal roofs look!

    Happy Sewing

  15. I wish I had something that I COULD download these books you keep telling us about. Hummmm....
    Red roof sounds perfect. And those metal roofs will be $$$ but will last forever. And concrete is soooo expensive.
    XOXO Subee

  16. RED roof is the way to go. My Grandmama had a red roof. I am thinking of the tin roof next time we have to replace and red is on by list. I do know about the cement. we had to replace our small drive about 8 yrs ago and I bout had a heart attack.

  17. We have the same problem with skylights. We thought we had the leak finish, fixed the ceiling and wall two years ago. They started leaking again. So, we too, are going to just take them out and re-fix.

  18. Love the new header.....a lot!

    jan at

  19. It sounds like you had a peaceful time to unwind and soak in the beauty. The trees and shrubs are gorgeous!

  20. I love your new blog layout!!!! I also think the red metal roof would be awesome! Thanks for the free book info and I was so sorry to hear about Oscar! I know that you will treasure all of the wonderful memories of him, I enjoyed hearing about him and seeing him your pictures. Have a blessed day!

  21. We had leaky skylights when we bought our place 3 years ago, my husband threatened to take them out. We checked in to new ones as I love the light and we got our roof done 2 years ago with new skylights(quite inexpensive) and they are great with no problems. I love seeing the blossoms, my forsythia is just getting started here on Vancouver Island as well as crocus. The daffodils and tulips are ready to pop anyday. Hope you relax with a few good books and enjoy your break. Thanks for the heads up on Kindle.

  22. Nice concrete, wish I had 3km of it for my driveway!!!
    How do you find out about all the free books? I have a kindle but can't find a newsletter or anything to help me find them regularly.

  23. I love the red metal rooves down here. It would look silly on my house though....sigh. Go for it! :-)

  24. Gorgeous spring blossoms. We just got dumped with 6" of snow last night :(

    Not to be a downer on what would be a very pretty red roof but do be careful with them. The fire department that I belong to will not go onto a metal roof to fight a house fire - too dangerous for the men. The metal roofs are also very noisy. Can't remember how much snow/ice you get in NC but the ice falling on and off my neighbor's metal roof is quite loud from my yard. No idea how loud it is in the house.

  25. Thanks for all the updates on the Kindle books. Really appreciate it!


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