Thursday, April 22, 2010

Total Strip Overload!

This is it.

Something must be done!

We just can't have this!

I mean, when it is impossible to SHUT a drawer of 2" strips....and you are faced with starting another drawer to contain them....shouldn't this be a nudge, a niggle, and push, a shove...


Yep. Even if it is going to be a leader/ender thing. Something has to happen with this drawer. These strips are all 2", just begging to be sewn into something riotously scrappy.

There is a drawer of the same size, though not near as full (but full enough) of neutral/light 2" strips to go with this bin of colored 2" strips. And you know what I want to do? FINISH the quilt I started that is now showing in the May/June issue of Quiltmaker! I started with these blocks, never got very far, and when Quiltmaker asked for ideas for scrap addicts, this is one I submitted for my column.

Yeah, I know...I need to practice what I preach and MAKE A QUILT...not just a pile of blocks! So..I'm doing this. I'm cutting pieces for this..I'm going to work on this as leaders/enders in between everything else.

Anyone wanna join me? This is a GREAT block for a positive/negative feel...you've got light chains going in one direction, darks in the other. I LOVE CHAINS!! They just draw your eye to follow along. The more colors the better, the more variety the better, and it doesn't take much to sew these in between the lines of other things.

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from things that require triangles or curves!

I'm ironing some pieces today and kitting up some blocks. I'm leaving for Virginia to teach at the Virginia Consortium of Quilters this weekend, and when I'm not teaching, I'm going to be sewing!

And..you guys...come on...don't let the excuse that you don't have a lot of 2" strips stop you. You know you can do this with any size strip you've got. Got an overabundance of 2.5" strips? Tada. Resize the block, your block quarters will be 6" finished instead of 4.5" finished. NO. EXCUSES!!


  1. I would love to join you. Not sure if i have enough strips but I can at least start. Do I need the Quiltmaker magazine to do this block?

  2. This is just what I've been doing this week. I've completely emptied a bulging drawer of 2" strips and ma also eying the drawer of 2.5" strips. It's a good feeling to be using things up.

  3. Love your strips. Let's all start stripping! LOL.

    I'm going to join you in this endeavor, Bonnie. Will you be posting the rest of the directions for this quilt?

  4. ...or if you're just messing with some fabric and want to start something new and fun! I mean, I'm just sayin'. ;)

  5. Those scraps look like fun waiting to happen. I better get off the computer, get up and go do something quilty.

  6. This looks like fun. Went to your website and couldn't get on. Is it down?

  7. Great idea. I'd love to join you...but I'm traveling and won't have access to my sewing machine till mid-May. I do have oodles of 2" strips pre-cut. Maybe I can catch up with you when I get back home.

    Have fun in Virginia! I'm sure you'll inspire!


  8. I have some 2 inch strips that I would love to get rid of. And I have a bunch of stash that could use a culling. I could cut more 2" strips to complete. Count me in. What are the details.. I'm starting to cut in the meantime.

  9. I'd love to make this quilt. Will there be sign ups??

  10. I'm in! This looks like a great leaders and enders project. I think I'll use 2.5 inch strips though, and stick to brights for a quick and easy donation top. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Very cute block.......
    ya never know I may start something new.........

    Safe travels,
    Happy sewing

  12. Who needs to unpack..sure I'll make blocks....

  13. Hmmm..I don't have lots of excess strips. Am I doing something wrong? Guess when making a quilt I cut only what I need for that project. Tempting to cut strips and start a pile growing. Just to join in on the fun..Take time for yourself, sew peacefully DEB};o

  14. Thanks Bonnie for the inspiration on this! I just sat down for lunch after I couldn't close my drawer on my 2 1/2" strips!! I'm going to sort a bunch of lights and darks and cut some squares from them and use these for my leaders/enders! That'll be a fun quilt and great for a donation one to the chemo unit at our local hospital. They are loving receiving them and have been a great comfort. Thanks for posting this right on time for my inspiration!!!

  15. when you talk of working leaders and enders between other projects... how do you have them ready?

    do you take time to put the twosy's together and sit them beside your machine ready to L&E them? or do you just pick up a pair as you need them for L&E?

    i hope this question makes sense.

  16. I started this quilt this week and have a good start! blogged about it and look forward to having a VERY scrappy quilt living in my family room soon! Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. http://kleinmeisjequilts.blogspot.com/2010/05/return-to-productivity.html
    finished mine up this morning.
    Great block.


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