Friday, April 09, 2010

Hanging Rock State Park....

Easter Morning we decided to do something a bit out of the ordinary for us. This whole new "no Easter baskets or egg hunts" stage of life, you know?

Something we've always wanted to do since moving here was visit Hanging Rock State Park, which is about a 40 minute drive from my house. I mean, who wouldn't be enticed by this blurb on the Park's website:
Not far from the cities of the Triad area, off the four-lane highways there's another North Carolina to be discovered—sheer cliffs and peaks of bare rock, quiet forests and cascading waterfalls, views of the piedmont plateau that stretch for miles.

So off we went. The first "SHORTS" day of the year! Water? Check! Granola bars for energy? Check!

I tell you what, these trails were steep! They seemed to go up and up and up...BOTH WAYS! We saw some lovely waterfalls, (which you hike DOWN to, and then back up)And the trail to Hanging Rock itself goes up and up and up...and once you get almost there, there are something like 386 steps you have to climb to make it to the top.

I couldn't go farther! If we had done the Rock first before the falls, maybe I could have but man..I was beat just getting to the stairs!

So..it was still fun, even if I wimped out. We'll try it again. And it was a great little photo op space, you know? To think all of this within driving distance of my house for crying out loud. We could see all the way to Virginia :c)


  1. What a beauiful spot. Glad you could enjoy it.

  2. Wow! This is so beautiful! Really spectacular, Bonnie.

  3. Oh it looks wonderful!
    I spent the day mostly in traffic going to Long Island, NY and then driving home again. But I did get to have a nice visit with my 85 year old DMIL and my youngest came in from Brooklyn on the train.
    But you know what I really wanted to be doing was making an Easter egg hunt for my dear granddaughter.....far away in Michigan.

    I did get to do some hand sewing in the car for most of the 5 hours of driving while counting my blessings.

    Happy sewing

  4. Shorts, for crying out loud?! Lucky girl. Looks like a fantastic place to hike and enjoy the beauty!!

  5. It really looks beautiful there...I am so glad you got some sun and exercise time!

  6. Guess you won't have to do stairclimbers this week! Looks really nice weather wise! We ended up with snow on Sunday!

  7. What a beautiful spot. I bet there will be a quilt design in the future that reflects this area.

  8. Wow that looks amazing!!
    I wanted to say thankyou for your inspiration.I have made a crumbs quilt (yet to be quilted)and loved every moment.I made a pieced backing using orhpaned blocks like you suggested.
    Anyway if you are interested in a look I have put a photo on my blog www.quiltmekiwi.blogspot.com

  9. Great spot, looks like a beautiful place to be.

  10. Wow Bonnie, you are looing so good at these pictures. Lovely area you have been!

  11. That is so gorgeous! As is the model!

  12. My daughter lives ONE MILE from Hanging Rock State Park, and I just happened to be at her house that Easter Sunday morning (hanging out on her front porch). Gee, I could have seen you drive by. Small world, huh?


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