Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter....Glorious Spring!

This is the view across the street at the top of my driveway! Isn't it WONDERFUL!? I wish it would last longer, within a couple of days those blossoms are going to be on the ground, you can almost hear the rumble of leaves trying to push their way out and open up.

Do you find yourself changing with the seasons when it comes to your quilting too? In spring, are you dying to work with springy colors that let the light in? I do. When it's lovely like this out, I have a harder time wanting to work with warm colors like browns.....I just want to capture the yellow of the forsythia, the blue of the sky (oh, look at that SKY!!!)the pink of the cherry blossoms, the green of the new emerging leaves. I'm just drawn to them.....

And then when it turns fall...oh those rich fall colors creep their way into my patchwork again. I'm glad I live in a place with 4 seasons!

But for now....I'm rejoicing in the arrival of Spring, the newness of everything, including the amazing fact that it is LIGHT LATER..which makes me feel like I can get so much more done during a day...More Quilting...More fabric play...just MORE!


  1. Happy Easter Bonnie!
    It IS a glorious and beautiful day! I just came back from being out there and, oh shucks! forgot the camera! Soooo beautiful! I agree with you...and more...lol! Have a happy day!

  2. Yes it is gorgeous outside. I just love spring, and my color preferences too are influenced by the seasons.

  3. Happy Easter...guess seasons don't effect my fabric choices too much since I am working in autumnal colors right now - though that may be my anti-pollen stance....

  4. Happy Eater, Bonnie!!

    What a glorious photo of blossom! You have a gorgeous view.

  5. Ah the blue skies .... that's Carolina Blue, you know!!! I also am so happy to live in an area (NC, same as you) that has all four seasons. Just when I am tired of one, the next one starts. Speaking of seasons, I have been discussing with my married daughter what to work on at certain times of the year. We have decided we should work on quilts and crafts that are for the season that is at least two seasons away from the one we are currently in. For example, right now we should be working on Fall/Thanksgiving items. That way we could actually have something finished at the right time of year. Good idea?

  6. Right outside my kitchen window is the most beautiful quilt - Carolina blue sky, cherry blossom pink, white and pink dogwood, forsythia yellow, cistina plum, orange and yellow daffodils and the Bradford pear tree in full greenish/white bloom. I am still trying to find that very ellusive shade of "new Spring green" that you see in the leaves.


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