Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oscar in Blue & Brown.....

Oscar feels neglected because I haven't posted much of him lately, and since I am on the road, I'm going to indulge him by setting this up to post while I am away!

If this first pic looks stripey, it's cuz the sun light is coming in through the window blinds! We are so happy to HAVE sunlight, we aren't going to worry about photo stripes, are we?

Of course, this is the blue/brown/neutral shirt pile that I've made a big mess with.....I have so many shirts that have not been cut up, that I went digging through boxes just trying to find the right colors. That's always like a treasure hunt because I forget what I've put IN those boxes in the first place!

That one blue indigo shirt by his head is a GREAT ONE..just look at this!

It reminds me shirts I've seen Tonya wear....What do you think Ton? Is it you or isn't it? Too bad, I'm cutting it up! *LOL*

These are some of the browns I've got too...the one little floral is actually a pair of Old Navy pajama pants! It's a GREAT old fashioned looking print, isn't it? And I like the tan shirt too....something very masculine looking about it. It's nice to find things that aren't always plaids or stripes. Something to add interest...something fairly boxer shorts/hospital gown kind of funky print! *LOL*

Of course, now I have to deal with not only threads and strings from cutting UP the shirts..but with Oscar hair too. ^..^


  1. I am glad that Oscar is helping you. Hopefully he will take good care of the shirt stash while you travel. LOL

  2. Oscar looks like he doesn't even miss you. He is so content. Have a fun trip

  3. Oscar looks adorable I'm sure that fur will only enhance the fabric :-)

  4. oh sure, tease me with it now that it's all cut up! hi, Oscar sweetie pie!

  5. Anonymous4:26 PM EDT

    You mentioned hospital gowns. I kept eyeing a couple of the hopstial gowns my mom wore when she was in the hospital. I thought they'd be great in a quilt, although my friends thought I was crazy.

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    Love the shirts, I just cut up a shirt my husband longer had room in! It is a dark navy with a very fine blue pinstripe.I am using your scrap saving method and slowly working through my scraps...it is very satisfying to see what you thought were scraps are more usable.

  7. I have a white cat too. His name is Dusty because his tail is so big and fluffy it reminded us of those dusters you use! The hair is inevitable and I'm sure Oliver is happy to be online. Great shirts for your stash, too!

  8. Bonnie,
    Where do you find the shirts and are they all cotton? Also how do you cut them up to get the most fabric out of them.

  9. I love those colors...I giggled at the hospital gown comment, I sometimes eye the gowns we put on patients at the hospital with a eye for quilts...hmmm!

  10. I love the blue/brown combination and it suits Oscar well. I love the "mourning print" shirt! I saw a bluebird today and thought of making a quilt in bluebird-colored shirts: bright blue, soft rust, and cream. I'm sure I have a real good collection by now! Louise

  11. It is great to see Oscar! He looks like he is happy and well! Take care!


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