Friday, April 23, 2010

More Gifted Squishies!

You guys are awesome! I can't begin to tell you how excited I get when I go to my mailbox and find things like this!

Suzette emailed me asking if I wanted some scraps from her dresden plate quilt after I posted THESE blocks a while back (yes, another "IN PROGRESS" quilt...how did this get by the wayside? Honestly, I need to clone myself about 3 times to do all I want to do!)

When she said scraps, I thought SCRAPS...you know? But look at these pieces! They are the left over pieces from having her Dresden Plate pieces DIE CUT...way to go!

And look how nicely these are going to add to my little collection of vintage 30's & 40's pieces? I love these!

Thanks so much for sending them....it's making me all excited about this project all over again. I love combining these prints with plain muslin and solids, and mixing them with domestic household fabrics like the stripes and plaids from recycled clothing...what a mix!


  1. If you get the clone thing figured out, please share with your quilt friends!

  2. I made my first quilt with the "real" 1930's prints. Didn't know what I had. I still have the quilt and the scraps, maybe I will make something else with them. I realize no one will cherish them like I have. Only another "like spirit" would understand.

  3. Beautiful scraps! I love the colors! what a nice surprise!

  4. How do you get your points on the outside triangles on those blocks. I am working on a row of triangles that are top and tailed but keep losing the points. so frustrating
    I love your quilts, very inspiring and motivating to work on the existing stash. I do like to add something new to update the stash for my kids

  5. It's because you have the brain that you do, that instantly sees all the possibilities, that makes you you, Bonnie! Thanks for sharing your amazing ability to come up with so many ideas for scraps and leftovers.

  6. Was pleasantly surprised to see the lovely blocks, I am making a quilt using that pattern. I copied it from an antique quilt, not sure of the name but think it is "endless chain". Can you shed any light on this design? Thanks!
    Also appreciative of all the "goodies" you share with us.

  7. I would like to know about the block also. I can't find it listed as endless chain. I did find a block called Lover's Knot that looks similar. I really like it! Thanks!


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