Thursday, April 01, 2010

Texas Braid Workshop!

This was such a fun fun class!

Not only is Bits & Pieces a wonderful quilt shop, but the classroom space is AWESOME....

The fun of this class was seeing what fabrics everyone brought to sew into their braids! One gal was so funny, she actually had a DRESS she made in the 1960s from some "Goldie Hawn Laugh-In" kind of fabric....it was so hilarious that she gave everyone pieces of it, and the challenge was that you HAD to sew this hideous fabric in SOMEWHERE in your braids. The funny thing is...as bad as that fabric was....it reminds me so much of the Amy Butler fabric that is so popular today! It just goes to show you that fabric does NOT have an expiration date! (But maybe sometimes it should! *LOL*)

It was fun to see everyone trading to create more variety in their braids....lots of laughing, joking, pedal to the metal sewing...and class went all the way til 5pm!

Here is the slide show!

Crown Point IN 2010
Those of you on rss readers, you will probably have to come to the blog page to click the link to view it...you won't want to miss it!

After class, we went to a lovely Mexican place that had the BEST and BIGGEST Chimichanga type dishes I've ever seen. Just look at this bad boy! It had steak, cheese, beans, grilled onion and peppers inside....wrapped in a flour tortilla, and pan fried instead of deep fried like a regular Chimi....I forget what this was called, but it was enough for TWO..and I feel like I won't be hungry again for at least two weeks!


  1. Oh, that looks like so much fun! I especially enjoyed the quilts on the walls behind the quilters. Are those yours?

  2. You really should re-name that quilt the "Texas Chain Saw" quilt!

  3. Anonymous5:22 PM EDT

    That meal is huge...I'm thinking enough for a family! Yummy...you went and made my hungry again!


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