Saturday, April 10, 2010

In search of more thimbles..

I posted this on the Quiltville facebook page about a discussion on favorite thimbles. It is something that comes up and around every once in a while because we all find things that we like that work for us....

I use these cheapie plastic ones the most...they are comfortable on my finger. I don't like metal thimbles, something about the feel of that metal needle against the metal thimble can give me the creeps like a fork scraping against a plate! And then there is that sweating thing, and no room for my nail.

I've tried leather ones only to have the needle work it's way through the leather and into my finger. OUCH! I know they have "coins" in them now to help that, but the leather ones always made my finger sweat too. And that room for the nail thing again!

I've had expensive $50 thimbles that were going to be the "cat's meow" in my mind, because they were beautiful and had designer names on them...but...they were still metal even if silver, the scraping feeling was still there, my finger would still sweat, even with an open nail thimble, and then the thimble would slide around.

And those expensive designer thimbles are HEAVY! I didn't like that at all.

Then there is the story of the EXPENSIVE designer thimble that went missing for YEARS, creating much panic and dismay on my part, only to be found in a FLOOR VENT about 10 minutes before we left South Carolina on our move to North Carolina. I just think $50 is a lot of money for something that I am going to worry about losing, and doesn't do as well as the cheapie plastic one I can get at Walmart or Joannes (on the notions wall, for those looking...use your coupon or go when notions are 1/2 off) and I don't worry if I lose them!

Not to mention...how many of these can I buy for that same $50 to $60 that the designer ones cost me? I'd rather spend my money on FABRIC! (Or Chinese food, but that's another addiction....)

I've never had the needle go through the plastic ones, and though they are a hard plastic, they seem to grip the needle. After a lot of use, you can find the dimples worn down and/or obliterated, but they are so cheap it is easy to toss one, and replace it with another.

Which is what I am about to do right now! I've got a flight to catch this afternoon, and my thimble top is all grooved up, so I'm going on a walk about to the Walmart that is down the road about 1/2 mile in search of a replacement so I can happily stitch my way home on the plane :c)

I know there has been discussion about using pony tail holders to keep thread on a bobbin when traveling, but here I tamed this wood spool of YLI red quilting thread (GO RED!! YEAH!) with a pony tail holder for the same reason! This quilting thread is a bit springy and there is no groove to catch the end in to keep it from unwinding, so the pony tail holder did the trick!

These are the cheapie scissors that have traveled to France and back with me...with no problem. No problem with them in the USA either, but even if there was, it wouldn't bother me..they were in a 3 pack for $3.96 or some stupid price in the sewing notions aisle at Walmart as well. (Probably not far from the cheapie plastic thimbles!)

I need scissors that are sharp enough to give a good clean cut on the end of the thread so it is easy to put through the eye of the needle. Those clover pendant thingies (or dental floss container cutters) always leave me with frazzled ends, and no amount of wetting the thread, or strategic poking can get a fuzzy frazzled thread end through that eye. So I risk taking these because they cut clean to the tip, making threading easy.

Got project? Check! Got book on mp3? Check! Got granola bar, an apple, a couple of tangerines, a zip lock baggie of animal crackers? Check! Got gum? Check!

And off I go!

This is not a paid advertisement or sponsored anything by any thimble company out there, this is just what I like to use to get the job done!

PSS! After all that walking (which I needed anyway) the thimbles could not be found at this walmart...truth be told..maybe since they got rid of the fabric departments they've even scaled down on what notions they carry, and I'm not happy at all! Pffft!


  1. Bonnie, turn that expensive thimble into a necklace or pin to wear on a blouse. Good use of it, dont'cha think?

  2. Thanks Bonnie! I am going to go look for those plastic thimbles. I use the leather, with the same complaints you gave. Great idea on taking the cheaper scissors too. Safe travels Bonnie!! :)

  3. I'm always excited to find out I use the same tool as a "pro!" I only use the pink plastic thimbles. Love them! I have several in different baskets and locations and don't worry about losing them ... although I've never lost one of the cheapies.

  4. I will have to try the plastic thimbles. I am using a leather one that I kind of like but I tend to use the side of my finger instead of the tip where the metal disc is and eventually the needle pokes through or it goes through one of the holes where the thimble laces together. Ouch! Maybe the plastic ones will work for me! Thanks for the tip.

  5. Hi Bonnie,
    Love following your blog and thanks so much for your free patterns. I think I have tried every thimble made, and have found my favourite. My problem has been a sore first knuckle joint. This one I can bend around the knuckle just right. It is available other places, but here is one link: http://www.threadandmore.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=3380

  6. Anonymous5:06 PM EDT

    I didn't know there were plastic thimbles. I'm like you, don't like the metal ones. Will try the plastic ones. Sure my fingers will appreciate that.

    WallyWorld is in a lot of heat for getting rid of a lot of their fabric depts. Ones in San Diego are still open. I have noticed better quality fabric lately. Told by one clerk that they are getting their fabrics from a new company. Maybe Wally World is changing their mind???

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Blessings, Jilly

  7. Amen to everything you said! (Although I prefer the cheapie metal thimbles with the ridge on top). Have a good trip!

  8. All of our Walmarts have done away with fabric and anything to do with sewing. There are hardly any craft supplies at all.

  9. The thimble you mentioned is the best I have found for all the reasons you mentioned. Another plus is that if you drop it into hot water you can shape it to fit your finger.
    Yes and boo to Wal Mart for discontinuing its fabric in so many small towns after driving independent fabric stores out of business.

  10. Hi Bonnie! Greetings from Australia! I use the same thimble - I'm now buying them anytime I see them, as most of my LQS don't carry them anymore. I'm hoping like crazy that they don't go off the market as I can't use any other thimble! I was told that they were invented for women with long fingernails - well, that's not me but I LOVE this thimble!!!

    Good luck with your thimble hunt!!

  11. I use those cheap plastic thimbles too! I have tried all different types but always come back to that little plastic one...it just seems to fit me best.

  12. Thanks for the tip on the thimble. I have an assortment of metal, rubber, leather, you name it. I got used to the metal, but the plasic sound great. Will head for Joann's to check them out.

  13. First of all, I totally agree about the Walmart thing...we have nothing sewing related in ours at all anymore! I will keep an eye out for these thimbles for you. I take a pair of suture scissors on the plane, they are tiny and very, very sharp!

  14. I personally like the little leather circular pads that stick onto your finger. I really don't like the feel of a thimble!


  15. My favorite thimble is the cheapie metal one with the ridge on top; I put one of the leather thimble pads in the ridge for a softer feel of needle to thimble; it also keeps the thread from fraying at the eye so quickly, and keeps the needle from sliding within the ridge. When the Back to School sales are on, I buy up Fiskars for Kids scissors. I've got at least a dozen so there's always a pair of scissors within reach, or bagged with a project, and their bright colors make them easy to spot. They are sharp (sharp enough to cut fabric cleanly) and inexpensive--and the rounded tips keep me from accidentally cutting into my quilts. I love all this sharing of tips and tools amongst quilters!

  16. Oh, I agree with you about that being the best thimble! I found them at our Walmart (where they are vastly down-sizing the fabric and notion department, too. I guess a million dollars an hour profit isn't enough for them, they have to maximize every store!!). I agree with you about the $50 thimbles, they are heavy (didn't buy one, just tried it on, didn't like it) and they are a worry. AND, I would rather spend my money on fabric!!!

  17. Thanks so much for the thimble hint. JoAnn's had these on for 50% off this week. I have two now and love that you size them following the directions on the back of the package.

  18. Anonymous7:07 PM EDT

    It's funny . . . I found this following today's (um, that would be 3-29-12) and I love those little plastic ones. I have quite a few scattered among projects (I use them for applique and embroidery too) and I never worry about losing them. I always worry about the beautiful siler one my sister gave me, tho. I love it but it is too HEAVY!
    I love your blog and recommend it to all my friends. Thanks.
    Bonnie L


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