Friday, April 02, 2010

The Aftermath.....

On the way home from the airport in Greensboro, we took a detour through High Point, the closest town to me, and where I do the majority of my shopping, banking, my gym is there, etc....It's 7 miles from me to the Walmart :c)

Sunday night we had a HUGE hail and rain storm, and lots of tornado warnings. I had to leave so early to catch my flight to Indiana, that I didn't know exactly where the tornados hit, but they were right where my usual jaunt takes me through home!

Someone...some CRAZY someone....has uploaded a video captured while they were stuck in traffic on the interstate as the tornado came through. It's just terrifying to think this came so close to my house, less than 6 miles.

We saw a lot of roof damage, trees just bent in half and snapped over, garages obliterated....detached garages lifted off their foundations and pushed into the house....it's a MESS!

There were a lot of people doing clean up as we drove by. Temps today reached 84, and they are going to be doing clean up for a while. I don't know if there were any fatalities, but there was a report of a trailer house being lifted up and tossed into a POND with 4 people in it.

Don't mess with Mother Nature, she is a force to be reconned with!

So my bags are in the house from the car..the animals have been loved on, the mail gone through and I'm absolutely pooped! I'm home for a while, so within the next few days I *AM* going to finish that LAST SHORT SIDE of the Extreme border and get that ready to start quilting.

I've had a fun time playing with the Compu Quilter, but it's now been several months since I have freehanded anything and I'm thinknig...yes...I'm thinking....I might want to play with this one. There are some rather large triangle areas in the center of the quilt that might benefit from some special attention rather than just marching a panto across it.

That said....There are some gorgeous pantos just waiting to be tried out too, and they make my quilts look SO GOOD. So, we'll have to think on this one a bit!


  1. Wow not a good weather day in NC. I am glad it wasn't any worse. If you got by HPU give it a wave for me. I haven't been back in 20 years. I will have to check in with my NC friends to see how they all faired. Happy Easter

  2. What a frightening story and video.
    Is your home a safe place?

    You write you want to try out pantos on your quilt, I do not know what that is. I am very curious.

  3. North Carolina seems to have received all of regular Indiana weather. It is 81 here today again. We broke a 60 year record!
    I have been told to NOT get under an overpass during a wind storm. It may keep hail off your car but the overpass increases the wind speed.
    My tree base came yesterday. Thanks so very much. Today I am putting their crowns on. Beautiful pattern as usual Bonnie!
    Paswood is so appropriate: eesse

  4. Bonnie, I am East of you (just North of Greensboro) and just wanted to let you know that there were no fatalities from these tornadoes ... and yes, there was more than one! (Thank goodness it happened Sunday night because a daycare building was pretty much destroyed.) I believe also that no one was hurt badly either which is really unbelievable after seeing the damage and the real time videos. FEMA has been through and quite a few houses were condemned. Can you imagine? What a tremendous upheaval in those neighborhoods and people's lives. I have seen news reports of the volunteers who have come in to help and some churches that are feeding those people. Terrible thing to happen but it warms the heart to see the help being offered. Glad your house was untouched. It was a dark and fierce storm even without the tornado.

  5. Glad you are home and safe, and hope you have some sewing time for sanity and fun's sake. Happy Easter!

  6. Wow ... that was an amazing video and very scary! Glad you arrived home after it was over as well as your home was safe and sound.

    Sounds like you definitely need a few days to relax, you've been a very busy lady!

    Glad you and yours are safe!

    Have a very Happy Easter!

  7. Glad to hear you are ok...scary stuff!


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