Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quiltville Service Announcement....

Hey everyone!

You all know I've been dealing back and forth with website issues between my webhost and the domain name provider. Each has said it is NOT their issue, it's been a HUGE pain in the (*&@#($*&(*&!

I'm teaching in VA this weekend...arrived at the retreat center, and have spent the last hour or so on the phone getting things straightened.

It's a bit technical, so I'll put it to you this way:

The website may be DOWN for the next 12 to 48 hours while they get everything pointed to the new IP address. This all takes time to move from one server to another, so I ask your patience....Hopefully by the time the weekend rolls around, things will be up and running and ready for you!

Thanks for your patience!


  1. Hmmm, that's frustrating! No matter, you're worth waiting for! Have fun with the retreat group this weekend! :)

  2. As somebody who understands this whole business of DNS and websites, I hate to say it, but it does take time when moving to a new IP address. And probably both guys are right, in their own way. And 12 to 48 hours is much better than the 96 hours it could take!

    Have a great time in Virginia!


  3. I remember having to do something like this a while back with very similar "not my responsibility" handoffs between the host company and the registrar. It's really a pain.


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