Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wool or Cotton, Wool or Cotton?!

I've loaded a little crumbs sampler in the quilting machine to quickly machine baste it so I can start hand quilting on it Sunday on my trip to Michigan!

The back is on...pinned to the backing roller and the take up leader. The top is pinned to it's roller....

And I'm sitting here paralyzed by my inability to hurry up and make a decision!

I love hand quilting with hobbs organic, or the quilter's dream cotton in the lightest loft. I also love quilting with the hobbs wool....I just ordered a brand new roll and it isn't even out of its plastic yet.

I don't have any small enough pieces of anything that will fit this quilt..I have to cut a piece from a roll..but the question remains...do I want cotton? OR WOOL!??

I might just have to flip a coin....I love the look of that cotton, and the quilt is big enough that the wool will give it a nice vintage looking loft and the quilting detail shows really well....I JUST CAN'T DECIDE!!

PS.....I decided on the cotton! I love quilting with wool, but I got to thinking that I'm going to be quilting this through the hot months. Have you ever sat in the SOUTH with wool in your lap in August? It ain't pretty... :cD Cotton it is!


  1. I vote wool. It needles like butter!

  2. oh, no dilemma there, wool evey time if it's hand quilting, it needles so well and in the long term the stitches are better and there is less stress on the fingers in the process! IMHO :) I hope you are happy with whatever decision you make, it's got to be the right one for you!

  3. After you went on about how much you liked hand-quilting with wool I went out and bought some for my next project...even though I have a storeroom full of cotton! It will look great whichever you choose...but isn't it great there are so many good options now!

  4. Wool is my favorite batting.


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