Sunday, March 21, 2010

How Far Would You Go?

I met a lovely lady in Baton Rouge, the very first day of classes!

Her name is Liz...and I was floored when I caught her delightful accent, and she told me she came all the way from Australia to take the My Blue Heaven class!

Then she confessed, she really was "ALREADY" in New Orleans with her hubby while he was on some convention thing.....

But she really shouldn't minimize her efforts! The scariest part isn't the plane ride...it is the fact that she got on a Grey Hound bus, took the bus from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, called a cab, took the cab do the Marriott where the Gulf States Quilting Association thing is....and brought fabric with her!

I am amazed at the lengths that quilters will go to...okay, maybe not amazed, but it constantly reaffirms to me how great quilters are....one of the other GSQA members was ready to loan her a machine to sew with, and two other ladies in our class made SURE that she got to go quilt shop hopping during our lunch hour!

How far would you go?


  1. It just goes to how fantastic your classes are and how far Aussie's will travel just to meet you...vbg.

  2. Love to read your post!
    This shows how resortful, dedicated and loving quilters are!!
    Have a lovely sunday!!

  3. Anonymous5:05 AM EDT

    Hello Bonnie, I am also from Australia and I would definitely travel to The Netherlands for some quilting classes and also to where you were taking a class. And yes, we do have a nice accent ~ LOL!!

  4. Dear Bonnie
    I am always dreaming about visiting one of your class and meet you personnally... but the way from Switzerland is so long....but...if this lady can do it from AUSTRALIA, why do I still hesitate??

    Love your work, your free patterns on your website (so grateful for your detailed explanations)and your blog.

    Take care,
    Connie from Switzerland

  5. I once went from Indiana to Alaska to a quilt retreat at Denai Lodge. I hand pieced a Gail Garber star while everyone else was machine piecing it. Loved the retreat.

    A friend has moved to Scotland and I am planning on a quilt related trip to visit her. Travel is obsessive.

    I am considering a 2012 Vermont trip to take your class as you did a fantastic job at our guild and for our classes.

  6. What a fabulous lady - she was obviously determined to do that class with you!!! I wish I was a more confident traveller :)

  7. I just love that about quilters...they're always willing to help out a fellow quilter, whether it is to share things in a class or to help them have a fun quilty outing at lunch! Wonderful story!

  8. So far I have not left the country, but have wanted to go to Australia. I love the quilts that I see the Australian Designers are making. My longest trek that I take right now is from South Carolina to my friends retreat in Idaho. It's fun to quilt with old and new friends anywhere that I can. I also have been watching your calender to see when you are near so that I can attend one of your classes.

  9. I'd drive to anywhere else within Texas to see a good speaker. Recently I've been considering driving to Austin and/or Beaumont from Granbury to see you speak in in May and August.

    Our little guild is so small we can't afford to fly in wonderful speakers such as yourself.

  10. For the fourth time, I'm returning to Australia! Not only will I get to stay with my (American) daughter and her family, but I will get to spend time with some amazing Aussie quilters I've been blessed to get to know. I will walk, ride a ferry, and walk some more to spend time with several quilting small groups. They are so nice. It's amazing to me to see how much they're into handwork. I've written an article for Quilters Newsletter that will be in the June/July issue, about Australians and their stitcheries in quilts. Embroidery is coming back, Americans!

  11. Well, I didn't go as far as your lady from Aus., but a friend and I did get up at 5am to leave at 6 for a three-hour drive to a Heartstrings sew-in. A long, but fun day. And we met some great quilters we'd only known on-line before.

  12. I'm considering going to London to see the new exhibit at the V&A...but the furthest I've gone to date is from Baltimore to Boston and then the class was canceled! Grrr....

  13. What a great bunch of ladies! Quilters are the nicest folks in the world.

    ttfn :) Yuki

  14. I'd try to find a sitter for my four kids -- which could be almost as challenging as arranging travel from another country!

  15. Went on holdiay to Boston MA, from the UK, made sure I knew where the LQS's were before I left! Went home with plenty! :) Would travel to the Netherlands next time you go Bonnie!

  16. WoW! Guess I'm just a "Wimp".... good for her! At least she got to do something she wanted instead of just sitting around waiting for her DH! Good for her! Guess that just goes to show.... people are traveling the globe just to take your classes! LoL.... That should make you feel pretty good!


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