Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scenes AroundTown....

There are lots of benefits to living in a "one stop light town". The post office is one of them!

I've commented before on how nice it is...if my postmaster Cheryl is busy, I just hand over my stuff along with a blank check and she will do my order when she has a minute to spare, and either mails me the receipt or I pick it up the next time I come in.

In some ways I guess it *IS* like living in Mayberry! It *IS* North Carolina after all!

When I first moved here, I was excited that the post office was only a mile from my house, because I am out in the country. I was afraid I'd have to drive a long way to get to a post office, and the one I had in South Carolina was so busy that the line was usually half way out the door at all hours of the day. It was a daunting trip to want to go to the Post office.

Well, this is bliss....with a tickle! I know you can't read it from this pic, but the first time I came I read the sign on the wall by the door and smiled when it said "Wallburg MAIN post office". HA! It's the ONLY post office! Cheryl says....yes, but we have big plans!

This pic was taken a few weeks back after one of our big snows was melting away. Just look at that gorgeous blue sky! Another reason I love NC...


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  2. Our post office is the same!
    Colleen our post mistress always checks the cheapest rate on anything I send out - without even asking.
    LOVE small town post offices!!!

  3. Anonymous2:09 PM EDT

    I understand how you feel. When I lived in Moreno Valley, CA. they had a very small post office located on the east side of town(they have 3) that I would go to, as the main one was always packed. I worried moving to San Diego, but happy to say I have a small one less than a mile from home. I know the clerks and its great!! Almost like living in a small town;-)

    I miss North Carolina, lived in Cherokee many, many moons ago.

    Blessings, Jilly

  4. I'm so jealous of your little PO. I also live in a small town but our PO is only open a few hours each day - meaning I only get my mail if I have time to stop on my way to work when only the lobby is open. Packages have to wait for a Saturday when I'm free. Treat your postlady nice because she is a gem!

  5. I also enjoy the postal benefits of living in a small town. Shortly after we moved here I went to the post office on December 21 to mail a gift. I was back home in 10 minutes and my husband said, "line too long?" I said no, there was no line and I mailed my box with no problem. He was stunned!

    I've lived in large cities where the post office has 10 or more windows, but usually only 2 or 3 are open at any given time no matter how long the line is. My current post office has only 4 windows total. If there are more than 3 people in line they open another one. The longest I have ever stood in line is 10 minutes and all 4 windows were open that at that time.

  6. That is so funny...I have a big post office but one of the folks working the counter is a quilter so if the lines are really long (like they often are...) she will tell me to go take a seat and has the folks in line "hold" my place...maybe it is a southern thing but I love my post office! (heck I even love the folks who work at the department of motor vehicles and when have you ever heard that!)

  7. We have a similar delightful little P.O. in our tiny town. Speaking of delightful, it was delightful to venture forth from said little town last night to attend your presentation in Grand Rapids! You're even more fun, energetic and inspiring in person than you are in your blog. I'm truly glad I got to go and meet you for a few seconds.

  8. I love small towns. Mine is still small enough that all the clerks in the stores know me but certainly not as small as yours. I'd love that.

  9. I live about a half block from our little P.O. out here in the boonies. It's a rural area now, but they've held on to the Post Office even though there's no town anymore!

  10. bonnie, that PO is HUGE compared to the one in hollywood, alabama....plus more than a few here in maine as well. so you're not as rural some...

  11. Its always the service that makes any store or office great and a pleasure to visit. Some people that work in customer services just don't get it, and shouldn't be there. But your post lady sounds great


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