Sunday, March 14, 2010

Louisiana Highlights...

So, here I am, Sunday night.....I've been here since Wednesday and it's been such a cram packed adventure that I haven't been able to even gather my thoughts into a coherent stream that would make sense to anyone...

How is it that it can take 9 hours to fly somewhere it would take me 12 to drive? It boggles the mind...but I keep telling myself, that I was able to sit back, relax, hand quilt, listen to tunes I love on my ipod, and even sleep a bit....and though I was pretty tuckered out upon my arrival in Baton Rouge, I think that DRIVING is a lot more exhausting.

But let me tell you, from the people at the airport who watched my bags while I found out about my cab to the conference center, to the cab driver himself....and everyone I have dealt with this whole time...Baton Rouge is a place I would be HAPPY to return to!

The weather has been lovely, as you can tell by these pictures...I just had to capture it...while I have been here the past few days, the bradford pears have blossomed into popcorn! LOVE IT!!

I have been able to walk every day.....I figured out a route that takes me between 3.5 and 4 miles. This morning it didn't happen due to the crazy time change, but since class ended early and we were out of the classroom by 4pm..I took a long one this afternoon late...it feels so GOOD to be OUTSIDE.

I was really excited to see lots of familiar faces from when I taught in Houma a couple years ago, and other people I've met in my quilting journey. One friend Mary..now lives in NYC, and we have crossed paths every few years..she brought a picture of a group of us together at Houston Quilt Festival about 10 to 12 years ago! Oh my goodness...I looked at that picture....saw myself at that age, and wonder what the heck has happened in the years between then ....and now! A couple years doesn't make such a big difference, but when you do it in leaps by 10?? Wow. What a wild ride this life is, huh?

One of the biggest highlights was finally getting to be with Judy Laquidara face to face! Do you know that we have known each other at LEAST 15 years? We've emailed, we've talked on the phone..we've hit the same guilds and know lots of the same people, but never in the same place at the same time. Her mom and she roomed right next to me, so it was fun to share meals and talk face to face. We had a great time. I'll be seeing Judy again in October in Shipshewana...can't wait!

There is more to write....but I've got to get packed. I'm being picked up by yellow cab at 7:30am....and yep...it's going to be another long day. Baton Rouge to Houston, to Washington/Dulles, to Greensboro NC.

It will be good to be home!


  1. Safe trip home !! Wish I could have made to BR but....

  2. I will be in Shipshewana in October with Judy!! I can't wait!!

  3. Bonnie, I'm so excited to read that you will be in Shipshewana in October. I will be there too. I was looking forward to finally meeting Judy and now I'll get to meet you as well. Can't wait for October.

  4. Bonnie, how wonderful that you were able to meet Judy Laquidara. I follow her blog also and have learned a lot, especially those borders of hers. Works of art. Have a safe trip back to good ole NC.

  5. Safe trip.
    I won't be able to meet you in October, but I will meet you when you come to Illinois later this year (Northwest Suburban Quilt Guild). I can't wait.

  6. oh 15 years to meet JudyL you say? well then, I guess then I'm gonna stop feeling bad for not calling her cell phone 5 years ago to meet up with her at a quilt show in LA. I was brand new to reading her blog or any blog for that matter... and was simply too chicken to meet her.

    I did get a second chance just recently but it didn't work out b/c my 2 year old was very sick with yuckyness out one end or the other for 14 days :( and I had finally psyched myself up to meet her too! shoot!

    if those quilters got to meet both you and Judy, then they can die happy!!! ;) LOL those lucky dogs!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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