Friday, March 26, 2010

Address, Please!!

Since this is the second time in 5 minutes I'm writing down the address, I decided I better put it front and center for y'all!

Sweet Briar Country Market
28 W 2nd Ave
Lexington NC

336 224 5500

Now before you start thinking there are a bunch of little Amish old ladies and buggies outside, think again. The MERCHANDISE is Amish..shipped from Ohio and Pennsylvania...everything is baggied up by the pound or ounce...and there is all kinds of neat stuff. But the folks running the place are neither Amish nor Mennonite....just hard working shop owners trying to find a niche, and I think they have!

The bakery is in the back, I'm not sure how much they do there, it's not huge...there was not that much bread left on the shelf at 1pm.

If I weren't already a couple blocks away it might not be worth my time to drive there, but since it is 2 blocks from the Chiropractor, it's a great stop (And I want a 6 pack of that diet cream soda next time!)

There are a couple antique shops on main street that I saw that would be fun to peruse...And then one could always go over to the Lexington BBQ place off I-85 that is supposed to be Scrummy...I've never stopped, I was always on my way on a deadline to Charlotte or something.

There is a really neat looking diner across the street from Sweet Briar Market that I'd like to try too....For those traveling down I-85 toward Charlotte, Lexington might be a great stop to spend a little time, but the market isn't huge like what you'd find in PA or OH. Just don't want anyone to shoot me that they wasted a trip driving hours to get there :c)


  1. We have a large Amish community here and they have a small store about 15 miles from here. Real Amish but not a whole lot of stuff. Going there is always a treat. I'd love to have a bulk food store near me like the one you visited.

  2. Anonymous7:48 PM EDT

    Thanks for info...as far as the Lexington BBQ...it isn't any better than most here in NC (I've been there).

  3. I am lucky enough to be about 15 minutes away from an amish area and there are plenty of amish bulk food stores and great fabric shops. We have plenty of Vernor's here in Ohio but I would love to try that cream soda. If you ever get to Ohio, the Berlin area is great. Lots of tourists too!

  4. Bonnie - I live in the Republic of Panama - but had family in NC and we lived in Hickory for two years in the late 80's. Lexington Barbecue is THE BEST - their hush puppies are to die for. At least they were - if I'm ever in NC again that's where I'm headed!! You've GOT to go.

  5. Speedy's on Hwy 8 is much better. Check it out next time you are in town.


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