Sunday, March 07, 2010

I sewed :c)

Not a whole lot...but I have this quilt kitted up and that makes it really easy for me to pull a handful of block parts and just sew for a bit!

A lot of the time I only like to cut out a few blocks at a time and not commit myself too soon to a whole project - - - who knows what inspiration could come along and have me running off in a different direction? I like to keep my "options open" so to speak!

But when I am traveling with a machine it helps to do all the cutting ahead of time on some things so that you don't have to bring "as much" stuff.

When I was sewing with Lisa, Karen, and Leann a couple Sundays ago at our "in town" retreat day at Lisa's office...Lisa had forgotten some of what she needed for the one project, but luckily had an "EMERGENCY" project with her! I never termed mine this way, but yes....having something cut out and ready to go is great when something like this happens.

I hope to sew more on this one this afternoon, but I think there is a matinee movie in the plans for today...

That said...does this happen in YOUR house? This WAS a bowl of trail mix! Now? It is a bowl of salty raisins! LOL!!! Guess who doesn't like raisins and saved them for me? Hint..his initials are DH! :cÞ That's okay. Salty raisins are the best part of trail mix anyway!


  1. At least he "saved" you something.. when we have trail mix around... everything gets eaten! It's like a feeding frenzy get it now... or nothing!
    Good to have you back...

  2. LOL, that's what makes a partnership! I'm with DH on the raisin thing, though. =)

  3. I kit up little handquillting/sewing projects and keep them in a bag near the front door...great for roadtrips or waiting at the doctor's office!

  4. Does that make him your 'Salty Dawg'?

    Wouldn't that make a great quilt name? You could do pretzel patterns in the quilting... lol

  5. I have an "emergency" project that I have benn working on off & on since before blogging.

  6. I am glad you got some sewing time, that is wonderful and healing, I think. Enjoy those raisins!! They actually look pretty good!

  7. Are there enough raisins for oatmeal cookies? I bet he'd eat them then.~
    Having a tin of little leaders and enders along means there is always an emergency project along. That's come in handy often...thank you, Bonnie!

    Lucy (in IN)

  8. OMG! I have a bowl of salty raisins I just found at my spot at the table this weekend from my DH! Too funny!

  9. In my family it's always the nuts! Now I can't eat those. :-( Every family has the "quirks".

  10. We seem to have the problem in reverse at family gatherings. One nephew will eat all the pretzels out of the trail mix...leaving none in the bowl.LOL!

    Also Bonnie, I just posted a quilt on my blog this morning based on your Smokey Mountain Stars pattern. How do I send you a photo to link to your webpage?


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