Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a Michigan Thang!

This girl is HOME, and I am dragging my butt! LOL It shouldn't be so hard on a body to sit on planes....but I tell you what, it just sucks the life out of me.

Michigan was great! I had a wonderful time staying with Sara H and her hubby Charlie. I've known Sara for years and years, but this was the first time we met in person, and I tell you, that is always such a treat. She gave me her whole basement, a cozy bedroom, a BEAUTIFUL view of the lake out the window.

Upon my arrival I was asked if I wanted a beverage. I'm always up for trying "local" things, and when Vernors was on the menu, I said yes!

In the south, we have Cheerwine. In Michigan, it's Vernors! Think of it as a cross between Gingerale and Cream Soda. At least that is how close I can come to describing it. Very fizzy. VERY. Try to be a good house guest and not burp mid-sentence when just getting to know your new hosts. They might just think you are some kind of red neck. :cP

So today’s line up went something like this…

7:15am….wake up to a text msg on my phone.....to the feeling of "Where Am I??" Oh yeah, HOME!

8:30am…..left for the gym, proceeded to do killer workout, cardio, plus floor routine

9:30am….bank run

Home, shower…off to AT&T store for the micro cell tower that has now increased cell reception in my house to 5 bars. Woot! Goodbye Vonage! Going cell only….saves me $$$ (This thing will pay for itself after about 5 months.)

1:00pm: Hair Salon! I got a good trim (1” off the length) and some new highlights. Love it! It feels so much better and brighter. Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do, right?

After that, I came home and crashed for a nap. I’m just exhausted. I’m heading to Indiana on Monday, so I need to use the next few days to get caught up on some stuff.

Kitchen is clean and the floor is mopped. Hardwood hallway is also swept and swiffered…how did I get to be so domestic?

As for the suitcase? I think I'm living in the land of "unpack, wash, repack". Which is okay by me!

Cheerios for dinner? Why not. I’m going to snuggle in and read a book…..maybe drop off early. A friend who travels for a living told me the best thing to do is SLEEP when you are tired. Chances are your body needs it. Eat right, sleep well...and I'm trying to live with those words and not feel guilty about a 2.5 hr nap in the middle of a Thursday afternoon. As long as it doesn't keep me from sleeping my regular night hours as well.


  1. Anonymous11:32 PM EDT

    it was also a NW Ohio thing, too! Love Vernors!!!

  2. Oh my goodness Bonnie hon, you're such a busy girl it leaves me breathless!
    Be sure to have fun on your days off.

  3. Vernors rocks...I grew up going to my grandparents house and they always had it in the fridge but back then it was in a bottle and just opening the fizz would make you cough...I still love it now can only it find it in cans and I think the flavor has changed...but it's still the best gingerale out there...

  4. It was great meeting you Tuesday! It was certainly worth the drive to get there.


    P.S. Funny story about Vernors...My best friend was in a band in highschool and college. I often helped them set up for each show. The boys would NOT start playing until they all had a Vernors. I think they said something about "the carbonation gets the vocal chords ready". Maybe it's just a Michigan thing, but I think this proves that Vernors is more than just a can of pop.

  5. Oh wow Bonnie, I never hear anyone around me use the word Thang! except me!! I used to work with this girl who thought she was really some THANG if you get my meaning! LOL I always referred to her as Miss Thang! Thanks for the memory! LOL

  6. I'm in northeast Ohio, too, and love Vernor's! I like some of the other more intense ginger ales like Reed's.
    Have to look for Cheerwine in the south....What's it like?

  7. I grew up in Detroit, now live in Florida, and I still love Vernors. I can even get it here at the grocery store. And every time I go back home to visit my Mom, she has a 2L bottle of it in the fridge for me! Glad to hear you had a great time in Grand Rapids!

  8. I don't normally drink soda, pop, cola (whatever you call it:) but I love love love an ice cold Vernor's once in a while! That and an even icier cold Coke in a little bottle..

  9. Vernors goes great over vanilla ice cream. Yum!!!!! The best way to enjoy it!

    From Caron, in the heart of "The Mitten"

  10. We had Vernors when I lived in Indiana - loved it! I've found it on the grocery shelf here in Kentucky now and though I seldom drink pop now your comments make me think I may have to bring home a 6-pk just for a blast (literally) from the past.


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