Monday, March 22, 2010

Basted and Ready to Fly!!!

Obsessive Quilters can NOT be found without a project to grab at a moment's notice! That includes having a piecing project ready for on the go machine piecing....and a hand quilting project that is small enough to travel easily in my laptop bag!

I find that I always book myself into a seat where there is no one to the right of me. I don't want to poke anyone as I draw the needle and thread through! The right hand window seat is my favorite :c)

I'm ready to go! I'm going to quilt this with red thread...it's already in my "on the go" bag!


  1. That quilt is gorgeous! How big is it? Do you get hassled by airport security for your thread snippers and needles?

  2. How big is this beautiful baby?

  3. I love that quilt! But then again I love all of your work, scrap quilts are and have always been my favorite! The hearts are great, I hope that you have a safe trip!

  4. Wait...you're allowed to bring it on the plane? They don't stop your needles, pins, or scissors?

  5. I was reading yours posts and looking at your beautiful quilts. I just wanted to say,"Thank you" for inspiring people to step out side of the box.

  6. My comment is the same as some ladies above - you can quilt on the plane? I'm planning a looooooong trip to the other side of the world and would dearly love to do some quilting en route, but dismissed the idea because I thought they confiscate anything sharp. Also, do you use a quilting frame when you are hand quilting on the plane? I'm so excited at the idea of being able to do this!

  7. EEk! that rotten egg yellow looks great in your Love quilt! ;) I knew you could put it to good use! My momma would be so happy to see it being used.

    I think back in the day she must have bought the whole bolt b/c she used it a lot - in everything! For the past 20 some years the leftovers sat on her fabric shelf I think they doubled LOL :) b/c my Dad brought it all to me and I knew I'd never use it all.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  8. Love how random this quilt is. I'd be interested in the answer to whether you use a quilting frame (on the plane or elsewhere for that matter) - I can't seem to quilt with one of those, so I do it free-hand on my lap and often get puckers on the back side...



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