Saturday, March 06, 2010

Emmy Demands Attention!

Hi All!

Yes, I know...I know....I'm a delinquent blogger! But if I described to you the past 10 days..you'd understand WHY! Really....come for a little bit of a time line with me and see....

Tues, Feb 23: Surgery
Thurs, Feb 24: Drive to Peach Tree City, GA....dinner and a lecture/trunkshow that night.
Fri, Feb 25: All Day Starstruck Workshop
Sat, Feb 26: All Day Sister's Choice Workshop

Sun, Feb 27: 2 lecture/trunkshows and book signings at Tiny Stitches in Marietta

Drive to Lake Oconee, GA after leaving Marietta...over 100 mile drive...get there close to 10pm at night...

Mon, Mar 1: All Day Sister's Choice Workshop
Tue, Mar 2: Lecture/Trunkshow/Luncheon/book signing at guild meeting
Weds, Mar 3: All Day Pineapple Blossom Workshop

I got home about midnight on Thursday! Yesterday...was Friday....I had to be up to be at an eye doc appt at 8:30. I grocery shopped, I ran errands, I did the banking, I came home and took a NAP!

(I was so out of it Friday, that all I could manage for dinner was leftover Domino's pizza from before my drive home on Thursday!)

That puts me to today......really the first time I've had a chance to sit at the computer...and there is so much I should be doing, but about all I've been able to catch up with is the laundry....and ran some other errands this morning. I'm going to update my desktop PC to Windows 7....in hopes that I can get things like Block Base and EQ5 or 6 to WORK...I can't get anything installed on this desktop, it keeps giving me 432 errors. It's a last resort.....if this doesn't work, I'm going back to XP and staying there. I am really ticked off at operating systems that make our valuable quilter's software INCOMPATIBLE!!

I took 3 quilts to BIND with me on this past trip, and I'm happy to say that I have 2 of them done, one of them 3/4 the way done. I'm tired of binding. I want to be PIECING! So..maybe tonight. We'll see.

Last night I was such a zombie that all I could do was put on some CSI and spent the evening trimming up some square in a square variation blocks for a future project...remember doing that with the units from Double Delight? I was not delighted to have to do those again, but it really makes for nice units.

So...I have here a couple pics of a kitty who is being VERY stand offish! I was talking to a friend about Tabbies since we both love them and have them. When you are a grey tabby lover, nothing but grey tabbies will do :c)

This is Emmy Lou,also known as Lulu Bee, or Pissy Weezie...Can you see the distinctive "M" on her forehead? It always looks like she is scowling at you. She also has discovered within the past month or so this new favorite hiding spot...She is very much a loner, and doesn't like any of the other cats or dogs around, so she has gone up as high as she can go, to the top of the bedroom tv armoir...She actually knocked the silk plant OFF the stack of quilts....just to make room for her princess and the pea act...

Emmy also has the distinctive circle bullseye on her sides...and really funny coloring...it's like she was going for designer muted colors or something..her tummy is buff..and her grey is very soft and smokey colored..It goes right along with her personality of wanting to blend into the background and not be out loud and out front :c) I will say tho...since I got home Thursday night, she's been purring and pestering and wanting attention. I think she missed me... :c)


  1. Have you checked the EQ website for that error or contacted tech support? I know there's a 42 error that's common. I had Vista on my laptop when I originally installed EQ 5/6 and had no problems with it working. I've since upgraded to Windows 7 since I had other "issues" with Vista. I didn't do a clean install of Win. 7, but rather an upgrade and I'm wishing I had done a clean install on a clean, reformatted drive.

  2. Maybe she just knows you need to slow down a bit and rest...and what better way to rest than to be purred into a meditative state. Our Gaba use to purr my son to sleep every night and sit by anyone who was ill, sad or angry. She was a black tabby manx and thought being purred on was a cure-all.
    Awesome on the bindings! and glad to hear your fine.

  3. OMG! That was some travel/lecture schedule. Glad you are home safe. Hope you have a little time to relax and recharge your batteries.
    Love the kitty. She looks like she found the perfect spot.

  4. Anonymous8:03 PM EST

    Glad you made it home safe and sound. Just found your blog last week and have been browsing your archives. It amazes me the amount of quilts you do.


  5. You have had quite a whirlwind of activity. I am glad that you are home and enjoying your furry babies!

    Several of your quilt patterns showed up at our Williamsburg Quilt Guild SHOW AND TELL today - your efforts keep us smiling. THANKS AGAIN for the patterns that make us expand our horizons - and that result in happy quilts.

    sao (Shirley Albertson Owens)

  6. What a great quilty adventure!
    No wonder you are tired! Hope you have a relaxing weekend and are feeling better soon.

  7. My EQ products work on Vista.

  8. Glad you are home, and so are they!!

  9. Did I say that? Not on Vista. I mean on Windows 7.

    When I bought a laptop that had Vista on int, my Micorspft Son-in-law apologized and loaded XP on it for me. When my computer crashed last summer, he reformatted and loaded 7 for me.

  10. I don't think your problem is with Vista since I also have Vista and had no problems installing EQ6 and BlockBase, or using them. I agree with LizA; check with EQ's tech support. They've been wonderful and very prompt in responding to my questions.

  11. You've been so busy lately...hopefully you can have some quality time with your sewing machine! I have a gray tabby and she's very affectionate (to me). Her fur has some orange in it, and her belly is creamy with orange, and looks just like butterscotch ice cream. I hope someday to be in one of your inspiring classes. Louise

  12. My Tabby, Magic, was very very vocal, chattered away like nobodies business, but was elusive and proud. Didn't mix much with her brother and preferred human company.

    In fact, very Siamese in temperament.

    Glad you got home safely, but you do sound exhausted.

  13. I'm sure she is glad you are home! Get some restful piecing time soon...

  14. cutie kitty - I have a thing for blue eyed kitties...


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