Monday, November 30, 2009

No-Sew-Day !!

Sometimes, it's just NOT in the cards.

Today was the first day that I was back "home alone" as DH took the whole week off last week, so.....today was filled with things like catching up on paperwork, filling all the book orders that couldn't go out over the weekend because of the holiday, paying bills, running to pick up a prescription at Jeff's Doctor's office, going to the post office....

Before I even left the house, I had to hang around for the guy from the counter top place to come measure my kitchen for the new counter tops we are putting in (That's Christmas for both of us....no "stuff" just new counter tops. :c) Tomorrow I should be able to go pick out the slabs of granite I want.

I also made a run to Whole Foods....(looking for some of that great french cheese, didn't find any..whhaaa) and went browsing through a great used book/game/cd/dvd store in Winston Salem that I'd heard about but had never been to.

I Bought...get this.....a lovely gorgeous very heavy thick hard bound book of artwork from The Louvre!! There was a book like this AT the Louvre, and they wanted some ridiculous price like 65 EUROS or something for it, and it would have been too heavy for my luggage anyway. So....I find it....in the 2nd hand store....for $10!! It looks brand new! I am SO a happy shopper. Does it matter that I didn't transport it back from Paris in my luggage? Nope. Not to me it doesn't. So...I'll be browsing through it at my leisure.

After that I met up with 9 of my quilting buddies for dinner and socializing at Down Town Thai in Winston Salem. I dont make many of our "bee" meetings during the year as they tend to fall when I am out of town, but when I do find that I'm around and can meet with them, I have the best time. These ladies are fabulous and I just love being with them. And of course, the food was to die for...I love thai food!

So now I'm home..it's past 9pm. My eyes are bleary, I'm tired.....so this is a day that not a stitch got done. I think I'll go curl up with Diana Gabaldon's "Echo in the Bone" and read a couple pages before closing my eyes for the night.

If I get the other paperwork that is pressing finished, I'll finish the work on Step 3 of the mystery and get it uploaded for you, hopefully by tomorrow night.....


  1. ya know what? I didn't get a stitch done either. Cleaning, cooking leftover turkey and dumplings, decking the halls, and puting away all the fresh new fabric (gift from my sis for all the hemming)
    That is absolutely amazing that you found that book. Its the little things for sure.
    So, I will not be whining for step 3 because I am behind as well. But tomorrow is a free day so I will be absolutely caught up by then. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Oh yay, maybe the reds will come out to play? I am really looking forward to the next step! Thanks for hosting this mystery, it has been a lot of fun so far. I am a newbie to mysteries, being a more 'controlled fabric' quilter I have not found it possible to 'give in' and trust the process until Carolina Christmas. So, thank you - for doing all the work to design and share the pattern, to host the mystery, to respond to the many emails and...because I appreciate how freeing this process has been for me! Love it! --Lisa in CA

  3. I am so glad you had such a great day!! You didn't and don't need to stich everyday, you need to have days like today!! And it sounds like it was a great day to do what you did - shopping, meeting up with friends and just taking it easy - some time to just laugh and play and find great things!! And to end the day with a good book and a great sleep to follow - sounds pretty much perfect to me!!
    That "Louvre" books sounds like a great find!!! It was perfect that you found it at a great price and no strings attached.(the cost to bring it home!) Was the store a good find?? I love second hand book stores - they have some great finds in them for great prices!!
    Have a great Tuesday. Thanks Bonnie, for just being you!!

  4. I am almost keeping up...if I work hard this morning I could be ready for step three! (and I too am anxious to use the reds! they look like licorice all laid out on the backs of my kitchen chairs!)

    Congrats on the new counter-tops! I think that is what we are doing for our anniversary next year...what ever happened to jewelry?!

  5. Awww, sweet post...I like my secondhand finds even more BECAUSE they show up for what I can afford. Wouldn't that have been stinky to find that AFTER paying the huge amount! It is nice to have you home. THANK YOU for the mystery too.~
    Lucy (in IN)

  6. I am so glad to read a blog about your being a "normal" person, not just an obsessed quilter. Enjoy your home time; time flies by so fast that you sometimes look back and think - what did I do with all that time I had?

  7. Time with friends to recharge your batteries.....PRICELESS.

    I hope you enjoyed every minute.

    take good care of yourself and
    Happy Sewing

  8. How great to get such a bargain on the book! I hope you got a good night's rest and you can get back to sewing...well, if that is what you want to get to! :)

  9. Bonnie, I always enjoy your blog and have been a faithful reader for years ~ enjoying every quilt and every trip you take, both big and small. I enjoy hearing about what to you is an ordinary day, but to me a peek into the life of an extraordinary woman. Loved today's offerning!


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