Thursday, November 05, 2009

All Things Yummy!

I picked my desktop computer back up at Best Buy this week, and I've been reinstalling programs, including my photo editing stuff, so I had waited until it was back before importing the photos off my memory card....you know what a hassle that is?

So here are a few photos to whet your appetite.

A couple more from the Arc de Triomphe...my very first WOW moment! The bus stop where I got off the airport bus was right near here. And while I waited for Randy to come get me, all I could do is stare in wonder! It is one of my favorite Paris monuments.

And then of course.....food....glorious food!! These photos need no explaination. Did you know that more oysters are consumed in Paris per capita than anywhere else!?


  1. Ah ha, but did you climb up up to the top?

    Where's the market?

    I did mean to tell you to go to Place Vosages. Did you?

  2. Ah yes, oysters and Parisian lovers... ;) Love the pictures - thank you!!!

  3. So glad yo enjoyed your trip! The food stands look gorgeous....

  4. Oh my, the cheese market, pure heaven!

  5. Ohhh Bonnie, it all looks entirely wonderful. Wish I could have been there with you!

  6. Great Pic's... too fun! My DD and her DH are going to France/Italy/Spain on a cruise soon! It should be tons of fun for them... I gave her your web site addie so she could see all your pic's! Thanks for sharing... I will have to live vicariously! Heavy Sighhhhh! LoL...

  7. You look like you were having the time of your life. What an experience. Glad you were able to go. Thanks for sharing the pics with us.



  8. I am so glad you had fun, Bonnie
    !! Looks like a little slice of heaven.


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