Friday, November 27, 2009

Wild Array of Reds!

I've got a border in the works! And once that light goes on, once I've tried and tested a few units, and once I get the centers and corners worked out.....there is no stopping me! I love it when the inspiration kicks in to high gear!

I can't give all the details on the border....but I want you to know that the fabric is flying here! Yes yes yes yes yes!

Another reason I love having my scraps, new and old, sorted by SIZE and ready to pull and sew. Look at these reds! There is quite a bit from traditional plaids and stripes from shirts, but the other prints I've pulled are just as fun and round out the eclectic mix. Can I really put in a cutesy 1980's red with white hearts (definitely VIP!) next to a red with green Japanese symbols that says ETERNITY? Absolutely! It's red! I'm going for variety and color here.

What about the red with the alphabet letters? Sure, why not. But the letters are blue....SO? Throw it in! Red with neon green stars? Definitely not a traditional type fabric, but it will sparkle in some fun...weehhhaaaa...

Let's face it. This life is going to pass quickly enough. I want to leave them wondering just WHAT I was under the influence of 100 years from now..*hehehe*

While digging through these, I saw so many more strips of various colors and genres that I would love to work into a quilt. The drawers are FULL. I have been doing cutting (yeah, thanks to the silly people who will fill up a box of scraps, mail it UPS with NO RETURN ADDRESS !! You know who you are... :c))and because these have been cut from other people's scraps....they are NEW to me. Oh, the possibilities!

But first...back to border construction.

I'm thinking that Step 2 of Carolina Christmas Mystery will be ready to go up on Sunday, sound like a plan?


  1. Love the reds...sometimes working in one colorway can really free you up for some wild combinations! Have fun!

  2. Haven't dropped by in an age and just when I do a New mystery!!!!! Just what I need to get me inspired and back to the sewing machine to work out some of the stresses of late.

    Thanks bonnie


  3. Too much fun!
    Bring on step two whenever you want
    fearless leader :0)

    Happy Sewing,

  4. Great reds - yummy scrummy.

    Are you doing an alphabet sampler à la Ton?

  5. Sunday sounds like a plan for me as that is TOMORROW. Guess I can stop refreshing your clue page. HA!

    Love the reds...you go girls!

  6. Hi Bonnie, I am having a problem getting to your Step 1 page. Every time I click on the link, I end up with a blank page. Any ideas on why and/or how to access the directions?

  7. I just got one of those boxes in the mail yesterday, and what fun to have all those "new to me" fabrics to play with. Look forward to seeing this red border.

  8. Anonymous11:59 PM EST

    Hello Bonnie, I've just been given your blog/site from a friend 'cause I too love to make scrappy quilts. I use 2nd hand flannel pyjamas and then back them with Polar Fleece.
    This is a link to my blog post on my latest quilt.


    Would love to make a Shirt Quilt too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    email: flyoung@tpg.com.au

  9. I agree that what's on the fabric specifically doesn't necessarily matter as longas the colour is right.


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