Saturday, November 21, 2009

Feeling Somewhat "Normal"!

It's Saturday morning and I am HOME! I woke up this morning not able to think what day it was....as I look back at my calendar, I haven't spent a Saturday home in months!

Last night I sat and watched a movie, cutting up the last of the shirt parts (mostly collars, cuffs, yokes, with a few sleeves thrown in for good measure) That Bingo-Bonnie sent me months ago! (yes, Bingo-Bonnie, the box is empty now and I've got a whole pile of usable pieces and strings!) I'm cutting 2"X5" strips from them to do a braided border on a class sample that has to be done by March. I figure that will be my "leader/ender" project for the next little while. Braids are one of those things that are hard to do continuously, unless you are working on many of them at the same time...it's all little short seams. Building it as a leader/ender will be a no-brainer!

I'm going to need a lot more rectangles than this, and yes, I'm using more solid red 2" cornerstones on them....I'm using up leftover small yardages of various reds just to clear them out. I only cut a hand full, just enough to get me started!

I'm needing to get on the pic editing bandwagon as far as the Paris pictures go. But I thought I'd tease you with the pic below, it's the two pieces of toile that I brought home with me.

They are both museum reproduction prints. I"m not sure what I'm going to do with them yet...but I just HAD to bring them home. There are 2 metres each, and they are double wide, so about 110" wide. Enough to do for SOMETHING I think. They are a bit heavier than normal cotton, because they are decorator prints. I'm going to wash them to get any "scotchguard" type of finish off of them, and hoping it will soften them up a bit.

Other "normal" things going on here? I have a load of firewood being delivered today so I'm ready to stoke up the wood stove in the basement studio. I love a wood fire! And I can get it as toasty as I want down here. The rest of the house seems to be setting the scene for "thermostat wars". I like it 69 or 70, and DH keeps bumping it down to 66. Urgh. My body is fine, but if my hands or feet get cold, I'm miserable. But after today, my winter supply of fire wood will be stacked and ready just outside my basement back door....

We are thinking of catching a movie this afternoon. I love a matinee! It just makes me feel like I'm playing hookie from other things I should be doing. Up for suggestion is the new one with Sandra Bullock. It has football, that will make hubby happy, it has Sandra (going blond!) which should keep me happy. It's a win win!


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM EST

    How's Oscar?
    Enjoy your movie...sounds like a lot planned for your Saturday at home. Hugs!!

  2. Enjoy your free day! A wood fire sounds great...

  3. love what you're doing with those shirts! I cut some up last year and am JUST getting around to getting the blocks together. I will say I like yours a lot better. Mine is kind of boring since I don't have as many fabrics represented. But I'll finish it and then...maybe I'll cut shirts up again.

  4. I should start using more of my scraps and get rid of them. I have them organized but not as much as you. Last night we went to see 2012 and I didn't really like it. We should have waited until it came out on DVD and saved a few bucks. The next time we go to the show I want to see Blindsided. I think it is a better choice and Sandra Bullock is supposed to be great in it.

  5. It's always nice to be busy in life...
    it sure is nice when life slows back down too! So many of us are very thankful that you don't burn-out and are still willing to create/share Mysteries even when your quilting life "slows down" (whatever that means) :0)
    Enjoy the movie--I hit one myself last night (I joined the teenie-twilight-crazed fans and hit New Moon.)

    Always grateful to you for sharing your passion--
    -Amy (NW WI)

  6. Don't forget Tim... I think he's rather dashing ;)

  7. Saw the movie The Blind Side last night with DH. Very good movie. DH actually got a little teary eyed, too. Enjoy!

    Paula D.

  8. Let us know how the movie is - I've been considering that one. Glad you are having a "normal" day. Enjoy it!

  9. Saturdays at home are nice. I rarely get on since I work at the library every Sat. It occurs to me that library employees have rotten hours because they work when other people are most likely off work....evenings & weekends. I put my foot down on Sundays & holidays though.

    I like Sandra Bullock too. She's one of the few actresses I think I'd enjoy meeting...kind of down to earth and a little quirky.

  10. I have a stack of shirts just waiting to be cut up. I guess that there is some organized way to do it, but I am not too sure where to start. So they are still waiting. Maybe I should just set a goal to cut them up in 2010, no later than February.
    Glad that you are getting to spend some normal down time at home for the Holidays.

  11. I really want to see the blindside too. . . Isn't that the name of the new sandra bullock movie?! And it came out yesterday didn't it?!
    Looks like a real feel-good type.

  12. I was beginning to think you didn't bring any fabric back from Paris! How you enjoyed the movie!

  13. Enjoy your time at home, it will go by too quickly. Your past year has been such a whirlwind!

    Looking forward to seeing all that you accomplish. Thanks for another mystery, I think I will save it for our group's January retreat.

  14. Bonnie,
    Not knowing the day of the week is just a taste of what retirement feels like on a daily basis.
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays in that delightful "unknowing" state.

  15. The movie with Sandra Bullock is The Blind Side and we saw it Friday....would see it again in a heartbeat....wonderful movie...tears and laughs all in one.

  16. You mentioned me again! 2nd time within a month – I couldn’t help but get all giggly like a kid as I read you say my name heheheh - although if you had just said "my parts supplier" I would have known you were talkin about me LOL :P

    Wow - the big box is empty already??? ooough :) Maybe Santa will bring the kids something in another good sized box so I can reuse for sending more parts later next year ;)

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving ;) Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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