Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Starting Slow....

There is SO much to post that it is almost intimidating to think of it! I took HUNDREDS of pictures..all of which have to be edited down from huge sizes to web compatible, easy loading...and it's daunting! So I'm just going to do a bit at a time!

By far the best part of this trip was the people I spent it with! I spent wonderful time with my friend Randy and her hubby Mark. They were the perfect tour guides! I just was happy to follow them around like a lost puppy....my eyes taking in everything in wonder!

Taking the bus from the airport was easy. Getting euros from a ATM was easy. Getting a hold of Randy when I arrived at the bus stop near the Arc De Triomphe was NOT! My cell phone didn't work. Duh. I was lucky enough to have a guy standing mear me as I explained my situation to another woman, and he loaned me his phone so I could call Randy at the apartment to come at meet me!

The picture above was taken when Randy and I met Valerie and Will at Montmarte for a lovely lunch, a visit to Will's house to see her beautiful quilts, and some fabric shopping in the garment district...in search of French toiles! And we hit what would be considered a european bargain. Mind you, 15 euros a metre is not cheap by USA standards, but these bolts were DOUBLE WIDE...about 110" in width, so yes...very doable as far as fabric purchasing goes! I'll get a pic of my aquisitions later. I bought two metres each of a blue on white, and a taupe toile. LOVELY! Not sure what I'll do with it yet, but.....

One of Will's friends was kind enough to take this shot of us after our delightful lunch! (You can tell by the empty plates..we didn't leave a crumb!!)

One of the highlights was taking the RER train to meet Valerie and Caroline (who came to visit from Brussels!) at Versailles! I have never seen such opulence in my life...it really was undescribable, and I can't wait to get into these photos....I'm thinking slide shows might be the best way to share them with you, in due time!

You can see I'm not fully able to relax just yet. Still a bit jet laggy, I leave friday for teaching at a retreat in West Virginia! I've really been looking forward to this trip too, the best part? Besides teaching, and being with quilters in general, which I love..when I'm NOT teaching..I get to sew too!! And I am so ready to spend some machine time!


  1. You are ONE BUSY woman, always on the go! Does your hubby feel deserted? Haven't seen any mention of Chloe lately...she still around? Keep on doing all you do, we're all ever so grateful!

  2. Here's a tip that's saved me hours and hours on the computer! Go to the windows powertoys homepage: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/Downloads/powertoys/Xppowertoys.mspx and scroll down until you see the Image Resizer link on the right. It's a tiny program, but so useful. Once you have it installed, open your windows explorer, highlight all the images you want to upload and right click on them. Choose "resize image" and you'll get options of small, medium, large, custom. I always use medium for my blog, it uploads fast that way and the pics are still good quality. The program makes copies with '(medium)' added to the name unless you choose to overwrite your originals (in advanced options). Totally useful, hope it'll speed up your upload process!


  3. Hello Bonnie and thanks for sharing your wonderful trip to France with us. How nice to see familiar faces in the last photo. Hello Valerie, who used to live in Illinois before relocating back to France, and also to Caroline who visited Valerie here too.

    Mary in Carol Stream

  4. Anonymous4:54 PM EST

    You make my head spin just reading your mail, love it.
    Thank you for sharing.


    ps. maybe mwe can get you to come down under some day?

  5. Anonymous5:39 PM EST

    I think I have been to some of the same shops trolling for toile--I loved what I bought but never realized till I got back to my hotel that the fabrics were super wide. Bonus--what a deal! Glad you had such a great time. It IS a fabulous place, isn't it?

  6. French toiles? Can't wait to see those, as well as the rest of your photos. I've never been to a place like Versailles, so I'm curious to see this opulence you speak of. My life and surroundings to date have been the opposite of opulent! Not that I'm complaining, mind you - it's nice to be able to put your feet on the furniture. :)

  7. I can tell your group are real good friends and it is nice to see them once in a while. I look forward to more pictures.
    I am excited about the mystery quilt and was at the thrift shop today to get shirts. I am curious as to what parts do you keep. I have a very hard time getting those pockets off and I never keep cuffs or collars. Yikes!!!am I throwing too much out?

  8. bonnie!! i love seeing pictures from your trip!! i'm glad you had so much fun... BTW i have a blog now too!! it's marynkellynkids.blogspot.com
    love ya!!

  9. Oh ! I am terribly jealous these privileged's handful ! Lucky they are...Kiss from France

  10. Fine you had a great time with my friend wil in Paris.


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