Friday, November 20, 2009

Veggie Burgers are THIS Bad??

I came upon this chart....GOODNESS, I don't think I'll ever order another burger anywhere ever again! You may have to click the pic to get it full screen size and to be able to read it....

The one that amazed me most was the Veggie Burger at the top left. a "healthy" alternative?? I don't think so!

Back to ordering Salads....dressing on the side....unsweet tea.....and back to the gym I go!

You know the foot is still bothering me a bit. It's tight in the mornings, stairs are difficult until it gets warmed up and stretched out. No running,jumping, jarring, and still going to take a lot of time to get it back to normal, if there is such a thing. I'm limiting myself to walking, stretching, yoga, pilates....but it puts my cardio all to heck. Whhhaaaa!

Still waiting to hear back from the vet on Oscar's test results. In the mean time, he is pretty feisty when it comes to giving him meds! He hooked me a good one last night and I came up with a bloody finger :c| Hoping it's just pneumonia!

PS..to the person who said they'd stick with the Wendy's Baconator? you may be surprised to find that your baconator has 970 calories all by itself!!! Check here!


  1. Have a look at the documantary: "Supersize me" and you never want to eat fastfood again!!! Whats'wrong with vegetables and rice or potatoes....
    Greetings, Conny, from the Netherlands

  2. It surprises me how much food is consumed by the
    'average american'. Look at the size of the items on that poster. I stopped eating commercially (whole other issue)produced meat products as much as possible.
    As a result it takes time to make a 'meat' meal and we eat far less meat. Good thoughts for a speedy healing on the foot.

  3. For the most part anything that tastes DeeeeeLicious has to have lots of fat OR lots of sugar. One of the sad discoveries in life. lol

  4. I don't usually order burgers when I go out, but I'm sure the other stuff I'm eating is just as bad. Have you ever tried Boca burgers (frozen foods in grocery store)? I love those and they truly are low calorie and healthy!

  5. I'll stick to my Wendy's Baconater.

  6. Oh, Bonnie---one of those burgers is my whole calorie intake for a day and plus a few more. Very enlightening. Sorry to hear your foot is still bothering you. Sometime it just takes rest and taking care of to get back to normal. Stretching is good. Our pet store has an item called Pet Pill Pockets, or something like that. It's these soft little cat or dog treats that have hole in the middle to insert the pill into. Then you pinch the top doughy part together and they just gobble it up. Pill and all. Works with my dog. Don't know how well it would work with a cat. Maybe worth trying.
    You give them a few Pill Pocket with no pill inserted at the start. Chicken and beef flavor! Very clever idea that works.

  7. The veggie burgers I cook at home (Morningstar Garden Patties) are not like the ones in the restaurant where they fuse the stuff together with fat and add sauces, heavy cheeses and thick buns. Garden Veggie Patties are chock full of yummy veggies, 110 calories, 3 g fat, full of protein and fiber. It's when restaurants add all that "extra" stuff that they become unhealthy. I know this stuff - I am a quilting vegetarian! Love your blog.

  8. Poor Oscar - I hope he's feeling better soon.

    On the cardio, have you tried an Elptical machine? (boy I'm sure I butchered THAT spelling! lol) I love those machines! I detest running and the Elptical's are supposed to put a lot less strain on joints.

  9. Interesting chart...I noticed McDonalds isn't on that chart...they must have healthy burgers then :P Just kidding!!

  10. Well that was pretty darn interesting! This camper is happy she can honestly say, truly, I haven't had any of those burgers and I don't eat burgers in general. The only time is if I'm having a major "I have to eat now" meltdown and then I'll just do the "Jr." burger because they sit in my stomach and make me kinda sick. A baconator wouldn't be good coming or going. ewww. Thank you for THAT karen.

    Good thoughts to Oscar and dang girl, I've been hooked (guess most cat slaves have) and it isn't nice at all. Ouchie. Kingston is dependent on ME for supportive care right now which is a good sign for peritonitis I guess but I'm fried. Supposed to be a seasoned trooper at this stuff but every-single-time this crap goes done, so do I!!! I would have made a terrible mother.

  11. Too bad they don't share the best options at said eateries.

    For example, insteasd of triple whopper, couldn't you chose a whopper junior?

  12. Anonymous1:18 PM EST

    I'm a "quilting vegetarian" too (love that expression). You have to remember -- just because it's vegetarian, that doesn't mean it's diet or low-fat or low-calorie. It only means there's no meat or meat products in it. There are other and better alternatives.

    Hope your foot feels better soon. I hope it's not your sewing machine foot pedal foot!

    Take care, Dianne B. in England

  13. For the record, I gave up eating 'fast food' for lunch several months ago ... have lost 10 pounds without changing anything else (what does that tell us).

    Now I pack sliced turkey on whole wheat bread with a touch of olive oil mayo ...far healthier and I don't feel awful all afternoon (or, as Karen put it, 'later').

    It is all about choices.

    Hug Oscar ... and yourself!

  14. Wow! That chart opened some eyes!

    Hubby and I have been eating veggies, rice, beans, salads and not very often, lean meat. He has lost 22 #'s. I have lost 14#'s. Until it started showing up on the scale I was totally bummed out. I am happier now!

    I bought a rice steamer. I love that machine! Our favorite is the brown rice.
    XOXOO Subee

  15. I had to laugh about your burger ad. DH and I went to Red Robin last week and while he ordered a burger I opted for a salmon "burger" which was wonderful and no greese. Also, I find that when I get a large sandwich like this, I can only eat half which leaves me with a second great meal.


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