Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Thing At A Time!

I got home from WV yesterday afternoon, and BOY was it a beautiful drive! This pic is a view from my balcony at Hawks Nest State Park where the retreat was held. WV "IS" Almost Heaven!

The whole afternoon yesterday was so lovely that after unpacking the car, I went on a 3 mile walk around my area. It's quite hilly here, so that was a good workout for the ankle that is still giving me a bit of stiffness/soreness. Range of motion is slow to gain back, and I'm afraid of pushing it too hard, so I'm just walking, figuring that is the best way to rehab it back into shape. One thing that is hard is to point my toes...If I do both feet side by side, you can tell the left one points fine, the right one? Not so well...so I'm working on stretching that out a bit each day too.

Still have more Paris pictures to share! I'm thinking I'll edit a bunch of them down and do them slide show fashion, so bear with me. I want to do an album with just the "Eiffel Tower" stuff...

Today my eldest son is 26!! How did that happen? When I still feel 26 myself, is it possible that I could have a 26 year old son? I have to post here a funny conversation he had going on his facebook that has just cracked me up. The Quiltmaker Magazine staff found it so funny, that they posted it on their blog, Quilty Pleasures too!

Speaking of Quiltmaker Magazine, be sure to watch for the 2010 issues. I've got a new column helping us use common sizes of scraps from our Scrap User's Systems! It's not a full quilt pattern, but a block design....for you to play with and see what you come up creating! Since we have been cutting our scraps into useable sizes, it's nice to have an idea that will use what we've already got cut on hand, right?

There is a new Flickr Pool for your photos of Christmas Lights, and a giveaway, so be sure to go and upload your pics there....

June writes:
Share your Christmas Lights Mystery quilts (or tops)HERE (Christmas Lights is a 3-part mystery series from Bonnie Hunter in Quiltmaker’s July/August ‘09, September/October ‘09 and November/December ‘09 issues.)

I don’t know what yet, but I’ll give a prize to someone (randomly selected) who posts a Christmas Lights photo by 2 pm MST on Friday, November 13 (it could be your lucky Friday the 13th)!

Last night I was able to attend my OWN guild meeting and had a wonderful time catching up with everyone. I want to send out a special WELCOME to Kristin who came as a visitor last night! Kristin, it was great to meet you and I hope you come again! Drop me an email if you want to get together and sew, I'm always game (if I'm home, that is!!) :cD


  1. I have my CL done in Fall colors. I tried your link to post a pic but it failed. Maybe you are not done with the link yet. Glad you are home!

  2. I have the three issues of Quiltmaker with the CL lights patterns in a bag with all the fabric I want to use...does that count as a finish? :)

    Jason seems so proud of him Mom...as well he should be!

  3. I read the post on Quilty Pleasures blog last night and have told all of my CL friends about it - that is cool of them to create a space that we can all show-n-tell about our mystery quilts we made - and for them to give something away? that is BONUS! ;)

    Also, as you already know, I loved the FB chit chat.. between Jason and his friends ;) I'm sure that made your day!

    That is great that you got to go to YOUR own guild meeting last night - whooo hooo for you! ;) I've tried several attempts to go to the Golden Triangle guild in Beaumont so I can join and get signed up for when you come next year... but something here always prevents me from making their meeting each month :( I won't give up though... I'm determined to meet you next year! ;)

    Welcome back home again! Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  4. Hahaha...Great post from Facebook! I literally laughed out loud in my office this morning.


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