Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And What Could THIS Be?!

It would be really EASY to just piece a simple back of one fabric and call it done.

OR...I could combine random pieces of Christmas fabrics I want to clear out, you know the old ones that have been hanging around forever, the novelty ones that never seem to be right to go with anything else, they are too cute or too...eh?

But what if I go through my orphan bin and pull blocks that have Christmassy colors and feel to them?

And you know what? One of those Christmas fabrics (or more than one) have a bit of blue...especially the cute Gingerbread men that was a door prize some years ago. (Robin in Elizabeth City, if you are reading this, you KNOW I thought of you when I pulled out this fabric!! :cD)

Can I pull blocks and random leftover units in these colors, and piece a really FUN back for Carolina Christmas??

You bet I can!!

So here's what I'm doing. I'm separating the blocks that I think will work into piles by sizes. I'm making columns of the various sizes with bits and pieces of various Christmas type fabrics to tie it all together. I'm not using JUST Christmas fabric in the blocks, but I'm going more for color than whether it has a Christmas print in it or not, designating it as a "Christmas" fabric. To me Christmas is about the colors, not about what the print is on the fabric. That said...I'm really happy to be using some of these cute novelty ones that I could never find a home for!

The quilt finishes 96" X 96"...so that means I need a backing that is about 102" X 102" to be big enough. I'm nearly GIDDY over how much odd ball orphans and holiday fabrics this will find a home for! About 9-10 yards all together I'm figuring...

I've got 4 columns pieced. I'll piece more strips and stuff to go between them. At this point I'm just playing!

While sewing I make sure that the columns measure the same WIDTH, tho each column can be a different width from the next one. I just want them uniform so they will lay flat when sewn together. I'll trim them to length later. A bit of extra length will allow me to adjust them up, down, or turn them around for final placement.

I'll take more pics as it comes along....Not a whole lotta planning going on here, just sew and go! I'm thinking this is going to give me a reversible quilt.....and Im happy to be making more space in the orphan bin and that shelf of holiday fabrics!


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this backing turns out. Sounds like a big undertaking, but the great thing is it WILL make use of quite a few orphan blocks and smaller pieces of fabric. And save you the cost of purchasing many yards of fabric for the backing. (Then you'll be justified in buying more!)

    My weak area is in combining colors so this project of yours is very interesting to me. Thanks for posting about it.

  2. Did I just see a clue?! I saw the one-sies from step 1 and the block from step 2 in a photo. Ha ha. Have a great day.

  3. Bonnie, you are such a tease!
    (in a good way)

    I am going to do the back of my pink Smokey Mountain Stars with all the "boo-boo" blocks from the front. They are already sewn into rows and will look great marching on the back!

    I cannot wait for step#3!

  4. Like the idea of a reversible quilt...maybe I will make my backing from Halloween colors so I just have to turn it around in November...whacha think?!

  5. Yes, Bonnie.......you're teasing us with your little clues! :D I'm having so much fun though.

  6. I really like how you use up orphan blocks on your backing. I have started making double sided quilts lately. first because my DH uses both sides of the quilt weather I approve or not. Second I need to get my stash moving in the right direction. I will be ready to work on clue 3, tomorrow especially because it is suposed to rain all day Wednesday.

  7. Anonymous7:32 PM EST

    Sounds like a good Plan, two for one is always good!

  8. What a wonderful idea? I've been saving orphan blocks to make a quilt top, but I never consider making a quilt BACK out of them. Every time I think I am thinking outside the box, something makes me realize that I am still limiting myself. I love seeing what your creative mind comes up with.


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