Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh What A ZOO!!!!

If good things come in Three's...I've got it in spades!

Counter tops come today. It's a good thing because the kitchen is all torn up, no running water in there, doing dishes in either the bathroom sink or the tub....reminds me of being newly weds. *LOL* (with plumbing in an apartment that was iffy at best)

On top of that, I got a call last night that the guy coming to install my compu-quilter to my Millenium is coming...TODAY!! AAUUGHHHH!!! The quilt studio is a disaster. I wanted to be up at 6 to clean it, to make room for what he needs, and I woke up at 8:20!! I know I must have needed the sleep, didn't sleep well the night before.....but still. Embarrassing to have anyone see this mess, it's been a catching ground for everything!

My book "Adventures With Leaders & Enders" is going to print THURSDAY!!!!! Still a few details being ironed out on that at last minute, including the fact that I haven't seen the cover yet and I'm supposed to spend time with my editor on the phone today going over last minute front matter elements? With the compu-quilter guy here and the counter top people?!? Hmmmmm it's going to be interesting to say the least.

I woke up to a lovely in my email this morning tho, Forest Jane has designed another lovely badge for those participating in the Carolina Christmas Mystery! You can right click and save this badge and upload it to your own website/blog. If you can, please link it to the intro page of Carolina Christmas at http://quiltville.com/carolinachristmas.shtml so people can click your badge to get to the page.

I better get going....wish there were some elves to come help me with all this stuff today!!


  1. An exciting yet incredibly busy day for you today! Good luck juggling it all. Tonight you'll be able to just sit and crash and enjoy it all being done!

  2. sounds exciting Bonnie - I'll be thinking of you today - hope the counter top people can just work and do their own thing while you take care of everything else. ;)

    I love the Carolina Christmas logo - Jane did awesome - AGAIN! ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  3. Excitement all around. I can't wait to see what you will do with the compu on your l.a. I think they are a great design tool. The badge is great, I"ve printed the instructions and will start on it once I get a few more finishes.

  4. OK, Bonnie. The Caronia Christmas badge is added to my blog and linked to your intro page. Thanks for creating such a fun and beautiful mystery quilt for us to enjoy. I absolutely love it.
    Linda in Southern Illinois

  5. *blushes*

    Thanks, ya'll!

  6. Just think, tomorrow you will have the day to yourself!

  7. Yikes...you are going to need a good night sleep tonight too!

  8. Hope everything went ok. Longing to see the cover of the new book.


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