Thursday, December 03, 2009

Perched on the edge.....of 700!!!

I just peeked at my followers link in the side bar below...it's hidden pretty far down there, because having it higher up in the bar was causing some issues with people's IE.

Oh. My. GoOdNeSs!! You guys have put me at 699 followers!!! I am sitting here holding my breath until there are 700 of you...*turning various shades of blue...* (No not really)

I'm just thrilled! Thank you so much for reading my drivel, really. It's a treat to know you are there when there are most likely better more productive things you could (should?!) be doing! HA!

699 followers AND Susan Boyle in one day? Awesome!

I'm just about to do some sewing, getting the columns together. It's been a busy day. I met with my trainer at 8am, we are revising my workouts because I still can't run, jump, jar or otherwise POUND on my right ankle. We are heading to 3 months injured right now, and it is a bummer, but I have found that power walking does wonders...walking I'm fine. I can do the elliptical trainer, and increased my time on it from 15 minutes when I first started back, to 45 minutes yesterday..just adding 5 to 10 minutes additional each time. So that's my cardio.

After that, it was errand-girl! Sam's club for prescription drop off, another place for oil change and tire rotation...while that was being done I walked to the plaza up the street to get my hair trimmed, and by the time I was done, the car was ready (This is multitasking at it's best!) From there, I went to the car wash for a super deluxe in and out job to get rid of this year's road grunge from the travel. It sorely needed it! And nothing lifts my spirits more than a hair trim and a clean car all in the same day! A couple other errands rounded out my day, and I've been home since working on book stuff.

Several of you have commented that the Orphan Backing I've been working on for Carolina Christmas really could be a quilt in it's own right. I agree..it could!! But there are reasons I want it to be a back, for instance....it will get a photo op in the NEXT book as a cool backing. You know, some times I like to do things that have no pattern to them, just for eye inspiration. The backs in the Scraps & Shirttails book photographed really well, and people loved seeing them as I travel around with the quilts.

So this one, this crazy orphan backing, would be great to show as the quilts travel, without having to have TWO quilts to lug around, you know? Using this orphan collage as a backing gives it a tie in and extra added interest to more quilts made with recycled fabrics. I can also use recycled blocks!

So those are my reasons....inclusion as an "extra" in the next book, and less weight to travel, and good show-ability for trunk shows.

So what do you think now? Should it still be it's own quilt, or are you seeing my reasoning? :cD


  1. Anonymous5:17 PM EST

    YEAH!! I think I'm the 700th. Been a Quiltville fan for awhile now. Slowly working on Carolina Christmas. So appreciate your efforts!

  2. Congratulations on hitting 700 followers! It is sometimes unbelievable how famous you have become since your first book was published. I for one am glad that you have not changed too much. I hope that you just keep enjoying your quilting life and stay the sweet person that you have always been...Hugs

  3. I totally love your reasoning for your quilt backing - and who says the back can't be as gorgeous as the front! Two-sided quilts are gaining in popularity - I however, lack the skill to keep everything lined up so will stick with simpler backings... love how you share your schedule with us - helps us learn more about time management (and hence more time for sewing!)... have fun in AZ! A nice warm winter break...

  4. Oh well, 703 is good too. I have followed your blog for +/- 2 years, I guess I should be officially noted.
    Hope to see you at FP&Q Christmas Party/Meeting.

  5. Honey you're way past 700. There are 1000's of us who don't like using 'follow'. We're all those people who use google.com/reader to track not only you but all our favorite blogs.

    So go ahead and celebrate ... you're past 700.

  6. Keep it as a "scrappy back" Your logic is right on track with your quilting niche. Save them, sort them, and USE them. So many quilters won't even step outside of a fabric collection and you stretch the "scrap" quilter to the edge. That's who you are and why we love following your adventures.

  7. Definitely understand your reasoning. Besides that, it's your quilt so it should be just the way you want it!

  8. Just joined as a follower and as previously noted, you've surpassed 700 -- you're at 721 now! Congratulations! I like the orphans column quilt back as the quilt back...no, LOVE it as the back. You're an increadibly gifted designer and so generous to share your talent. Thank you. Lisa in CA

  9. Hey Bonnie! This is the first of your mysteries that I haven't jumped in on, but time just won't allow it right now. I see your reasoning for the backing and it's way too cool not to use it in that "Bonnie" kinda way! Take care and enjoy the holidays!

  10. You're a quilting superstar Bonnie hon! I've been lurking but not commenting lately - I don't know where my time is going?!?
    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes girlfriend, means so much! xox
    Lurve ya

  11. Make the orphan blocks be the back! Wow! What a scrappy statement that is. I used left over blocks from one of my quilts on the back (I had 12 of 'em) and I like the back almost better than the front. So lead us into Scrapdom.

  12. I totally get the reasoning for a reversible quilt...they do get heavy!

  13. Wow 744 now :0)

    I like the two sided quilt.....how hard is it gonna be to quilt it?

    Don't forget to show us when its all done! I have to admit that is my favorite part, just looking at all the finished quilts from your instruction!

    Thanks again for the fun mysteries
    Happy sewing,


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