Saturday, December 19, 2009

Part 7, The Big Finish!!

You can get to part 7 HERE!

You know, with the snow storm that came through, I completely missed my opportunity to take any decent OUTSIDE pictures! and this is a big quilt. I was able to put it on the rack in my sunroom, which is NOT heated and was more like an ice box than a sun room at this point!

So here you see the front......and the back! The hanging sleeve is even made from the left over cut off parts of the backing after the quilt was quilted.....

I really REALLY love the back! Yes, it could have been a whole nuther quilt, but how many big Christmas quilts does one girl need? And this will travel alot better, two for one. I was happy to find a home for the house blocks that didn't fit in the "Welcome Home" quilt either. And you know what? I used lots LESS of the Christmas fabric I originally thought I'd find a home for too, so guess what...it can wait til next year!

It's been fun working on this with the snow falling outside the past couple of days. We've got the new wood stove fireplace insert installed and upstairs is toasty warm!

This has been a really fun mystery to run for ya'll....how bout we do it again, same time next year? :cD


  1. It's gorgeous Bonnie! Another great mystery. The back is icing on the cake. Thanks for treating us!

  2. Bonnie!!! I have been waiting and wondering about our border..what a gift of expectation and fun, especially around Christmas time. What a wonderful gift. Love it, Bonnie!

  3. Beautiful! I absolutely love it! I'm on step 4, but I can't stand surprises!! LOL!! :) Same time next year? We have to wait that long? Just kidding! :) Thanks for everything you do for us!

  4. Thank you Bonnie for another beautiful quilt!!! I can't wait to finish mine. I absolutely love the border! Count me in for next year. Kay

  5. oh bonnie it turned out beautifully!

    as i read your previous blog about your new computerized longarm, i thought about how i would be trying to quilt on my home machine tonight and how lucky you are to have such a machine. i've done small projects on my home machine but have only successfully been able to use plastic clear thread to quilt. and that is not what i want to do. for some reason, my cotton top thread balls up and shreds when i try to quilt on a quilt sandwich. i've tried adjusting the tension and tried over and over again and i am to the point that i am almost in tears. why is my thread breaking??????

  6. I love this quilt but am especially intrigued with the back. I have a lot of UFO's from when I owned a quilting store. A lot of them I really don't want to finish but don't know what to do with them.....I think they will make some very interesting backs. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas. http://smileyquilter.blogspot.com

  7. It's beautiful, front and back - not unlike your snow covered yards in NC! Be careful what you say - one of us is going to take it as gospel and start begging for the new opportunity to come our way wayyyyy earlier. Merry, snowy Christmas. Aloha, Jo

  8. Gracias por compartir, realmente es fabulosa.
    Me quede helada cuando vi la parte trasera, sensacional!!!!!
    Voy recién comenzando este misterio, pero ansio terminarlo.
    Gracias otra vez, Feliz Navidad, aqui no hay nieve sino sol y muuuuuuuucho calor, pero la Navidad ...es más que el clima,verdad??

  9. Dear Bonnie,
    I really like this quilt, 'tis indeed fabulous!
    The back.... hmmmm, I could look at it for ages... and I have, with excitement!!!
    I don't have many orphan blocks, but...from this day forward,....
    I will make any block I please without a care for what I will do with it, just to try it out because I want to.
    No, that won't work... because I already know what my plan is!! he he he. For me this is the best quilt (back) I ever saw!

  10. It was the first time I joined one of your Mysteries and I really loved it!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for your great way of explaining. I'm Dutch and even I could follow your instructions.....
    I'm at step 5 now, and enjoying the picture of your CCM-quilt. Very pretty!!
    I'm joining next time!! For sure!!
    Greets from Holland.

  11. It's GORGEOUS!! The front is lovely, but the back is riotous and so happy! The dichotomy between the two sides is enchanting! Good work!!!

  12. I can't wait to get started on this quilt. I have been waiting for Christmas break. It's here so, I'm going to sit down and think fabric choices today. Then I can work on it leisurely during the next two weeks. What a great idea for two quilts in one. I currently have 4 Christmas quilts (one for each bed). I showed them on my blog yesterday.

  13. Thanks for the Christmas gift Bonnie! I do love it when you do these for us.

  14. Don't take this the wrong way, because the front of the quilt is gorgeous, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the back - truly awesome. glad you got snow and not me!

  15. Anonymous8:59 AM EST

    Speaks Bonnie all over it - both front and back! It's a keeper!

  16. Why am I not surprised Tonya likes the back of your quilt better than the front?! The border looks great! I think I just broke the "50" count on the blocks...maybe I'll have it ready for Valentine's day?!

  17. Bonnie you are amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us; and for already thinking about sharing another project next year.

    We are truly blessed to have you as a friend and fellow quilter.

    Holiday Quilty Hugs!


  18. I really LOVE your borders for the Carolina Christmas quilt. They are the perfect frame for the blocks of the quilt. Thanks so much for sharing this mystery with all of us. You're the best, and you can count me in on another mystery whenever the spirit moves you.
    Linda in Southern Illinois

  19. I love this quilt, two for one,,,
    It is absolutely amazing and the back is so interesting. Gives me some ideas, great inspiration!!!

  20. That backing just tickles me. I wish I could have joined you on this one. It will look fabulous on your bed.

  21. Bonnie, Do you have a spot set up where people can show their finished quilts? I would love to see them.

  22. Bonnie! Bonnie! The quilt(s) is STUNNING!!!! You have out done yourself friend!! :) The border pulls everything together so nicely! And the back - well it leaves me speechless - it is a terrific feast for the eyes and senses also. Well done and thank you for the mystery. I have the steps printed out and have made plans to sew the top between Christmas and New Year's - We'll see how far I get.

  23. Gosh, I'm glad you showed how the compu quilter works....it looks easy I am sure it is not!

    Love the back of Carolina Christmas....I am doing vines, leaves and berries in applique for my borders. Definitely another mystery quilt ASAP :)

  24. Bonnie

    i haven't actually started yet but to see it finished WOW it is gorgeous. But I really love the back really really love the back it is so "hectic" in a fun and free way.

    Tonight I have to make two santa sacks for my new great neice Alexandra (who will be one week old on Christmas Day) and my new great nephew Oliver (who will be six weeks old on Christmas Day) how much fun are we going to have this Christmas with two new babies !!!


  25. Can you have too many Christmas quilts? No that is just silly :0)

    This is delightful Bonnie....I'd love to do it again next year. Thank you very much for doing this for us .....mine is nearly done :0).

    Merry Christmas and Happy Sewing!

  26. I finished mine, Bonnie! Thanks for a lot of a fun and a wonderful pattern. Come see it at www.robynbsnest.blogspot.com

  27. Oh my stars! It's BEAUTIFUL!! :)

  28. The quilt looks very nice with abstract pieces put together.


  29. The back is fantastic!!! my kind of quilt! yee ha! it makes me wanna dance!

  30. I am so thankful you shared this quilt. It is so beautiful and have always wanted a Christmas quilt. The back is awesome. Putting the top together now, so I'm going to see what I can do for a similar back.

    Happy New Year, Bonnie and again thanks so much for this mystery.
    It was fun.
    Angie Nudge


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