Friday, December 11, 2009

Quilting Progress..

I've finished quilting the baptist fans in the center of this orphan quilt! I haven't really touched it much since leaving Paris, but between the flight here to AZ, and the time I've had here to work on it in between other things..it's amazing how far you can get just a little bit at a time!

I'm now working on the borders. I don't know if you can see in the border pic that I am just echoing seam lines. Some of the strips get a line of quilting down the center, but if the strip is wide enough, it will get two lines. I'm just playing it by ear. The black inner border is going to get a simple zig zag.....

Yes, It's being quilted with red thread, and I love that you can see the little dots of colors here and there.

We've had a lovely time. Today the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. We even enjoyed a long walk in a nature area (sorry can't remember the name) and loved watching the ducks down by the pond and seeing the desert foliage, etc.

Dinner for my dad is tonight to celebrate his 70th. Tomorrow is the last day (sad) and I am headed home on Sunday!


  1. You indeed are a free spirit in addition to all you other wonderful attributes! LOVE the red thread on that quilt. 8-)

  2. Bonnie,
    Glad our weather warmed up a tad for you! Although I miss my Idaho winters, who can complain about weather in AZ. I love love love this quilt! I am always so amazed (not at your abilities because you are AWESOME!) but just amazed at what can be put together...and it looks fabulous! Someday I hope I can be half as good as you are at putting things together! Enjoy what is left of your little getaway. Thanks for sharing, you inspire me to try harder to not waste the precious time we have.
    and warm quilt hugs (which you might need when you get back home...)

  3. When you were little did you ever think you'd write the words 'since I left Paris'?

    Glad you've had a wonderful time with your family. Happy Birthday Dad!! Seven decades is a true achievement.

    I'm loving your orphan quilt. Red thread just seems a perfect choice.

    Thanks Bonnie - hope you have a good Christmas at home with your family!

    Hugs - Shari in Oz

  4. Anonymous5:23 AM EST

    Bet your Dad is overjoyed to have you there......some moments in life are priceless.
    Do enjoy dropping by everyday for a little dose of lovely inspiration.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  5. The red thread is so fun! Fits with the rest of the quilt. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip...

  6. I have always loved this quilt top of yours, when you first put it together. Glad you are hand quilting and enjoying it, that is my favorite part of the process!

  7. Did you need to cuddle under the quilt on the plane? And that looks like a kinda big quilt to squeeze into a carryon.
    Happy/safe travels today. I worry so when you are on the road.

  8. what kind of fruit tree is that - they look like lemons but the tree is much different looking that the one I have here in my back yard. Mine is more of a bush... and yielded about 200 baseball or larger sized lemons this year!

    Glad to hear that you've had a wonderful time visiting your dad and brothers :) Your scrappy quilt is looking great! Red thread? - I would have never guessed, but I'm sure it looks great! :)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  9. Bonnie, You KNOW I love this orphan quilt--and especially that beautiful string border! Strings are just the best, aren't they.
    Nancy Ray in WV's cold Northern Panhandle


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