Thursday, December 11, 2008


I was laughing to myself last night....one of those "roll over minutes" commercials came on.

You know the one where the kid thinks his roll over minutes are not as good as new minutes on his cell phone? And his mom says "Some other kid would be HAPPY to have your roll over minutes!"

I think of my older fabrics and my scraps as my "roll overs". They are just as good as the new stuff, and even though I love the new stuff, I am just as happy making quilts out of my old stuff. My roll-over scraps. :cD Isn't that silly?!

I'm working on these "Nine-in-the-middle" blocks for a future project. The 9 patches in the center are of course made from leaders & enders. All scrappy, with light corners, dark crosses, with red in the centers. I'm not sure how I'll set them yet, I only know I need to make about a gazillion more :c)

The mystery quilt center is finished, and I priority mailed it off to Quiltmaker yesterday so they can choose "new" border fabric. I guess it can't be a roll-over!

All my ducks are ALMOST in a row for my trip to the Netherlands next Monday. I'm staying with Lucy, teaching two workshops, having an interview and photo shoot with Quiltmania! The folks from Quiltmania are coming all the way from France for this! Lucy, Joes, Isabeau, Me....and TONYA! What fun we are going to have!


  1. I'm solid green with envy over your upcoming excursion! Have fun!!

  2. I like that block, it is really neat working with scraps isn't it. You come up with a lot of ideas and I am so glad you share your ideas - I'm good at making the blocks but I'm not so good at coming up with the ideas.

  3. It's fabulous, what a success ! Quilmania is a wonderful mag, numerous new french groupies in view...
    Béatrice, France

  4. What wonderful little blocks - I can't wait to see what becomes of them.
    Have a great time on your trip

  5. I should send this as an email so no one else knows how dumb I am but I never got that commercial. I never figured out that the kid thought the rollover minutes weren't as good as the new minutes. You're so darned smart! :)

    Have a wonderful trip!! Sounds like it's going to be better than wonderful!

  6. Have a great trip! See you after the holidays!

  7. Really, people from Quiltmania coming ? Well, I haven't bought a quilting magazine in ages, but I'll sure watch out for this one !!!! Have a nice trip and enjoy your stay in the Netherlands !

  8. Bonnie I love thos elittle blocks will be re organising my leaders and enders box to make nine pathces like tha tjust incase they become part of another mytsery series that way i might be ahead!!


  9. I love it! Roll over fabric... Hope you have a good flight and great weather!!!

  10. I just picked up Quiltmania today at Borders. I really enjoyed it! Nice mix of artsy and real patchwork. Not surprised they are coming to your workshops!

  11. How wonderful to have another project in print, I'm just thrilled for you.
    I am so envious of your trip to the Netherlands, seeing all your friends, and the wonderful times you'll have. Wish I could fit in your suitcase!
    Be sure to have the very best time!

  12. Way to go with Quiltmania!!! My local quilt--AAQC--has been feature twice in the magazine. Our group is featured in the current issue!

  13. I love the blocks. It would cool to set them using squares on each end of the sashing to make it look like 9 patches. Keep going, you will have a gazillion before you know it.

  14. Bonnie,
    Have a wonderful time in the Netherlands. Even though the weather isn't the best and the daylight is much too short, the country and the people are so warm. I lived there for 5 months last year, and have found out that my husband's job will take us there for another 5 months next year!! I couldn't be happier!! Have a great visit.
    Kathie from Allentown, PA

  15. Is the interview going to be published in the French version too? Oh I do hope so!

    Have a great fantastic marvellous fun time and don't forget warm clothes. It's darn cold over here at the moment.

  16. Bonnie, I just love reading your thoughts behind the process. :) rollover scraps! that is unique and cute.... JUST LIKE YOU! ;c)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  17. I love those blocks!!

    Have a great trip!

  18. Those are great looking blocks--and just started from nine patches! You are very clever, as always, in coming up with the mix
    that makes it sing!

    Have a terrific trip and whirlwind vacation!

    AnnieO in SoCalif

  19. Bon voyage, Bonnie!


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