Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ready? Get Set! SEW!

I've uploaded Part One of Double Delight!

I had some fun with this, and coerced DS Jeff into filming a video of me squaring up some units.

It wasn't scripted, and I had a total brain warp in the middle..and my rotary cutter DID have a new blade,but it got clogged with lint inside from trimmings....so sometimes you just gotta unscrew that blade and blow it out of there! DUH!

It also sounds like I talk with a lisp, which I don't..it's just the close proximity of the camera to me as he was filming.....but I think you get the idea!(On second thought, maybe my teeth are full of Dropje!! *LOL* (Licorice bits)

Could I get him to WANT to shoot it a second time? NO WAY! So..it is what it is. Maybe you'll get something out of it. Maybe not...at least maybe, a laugh or two!:cD



  1. Great job Bonnie! Aren't videos fun? I love doing videos for my website too and have quite an extensive library going so far. I use Windows Movie Maker to edit my videos, which is the really fun part!

    Great tip for making those blocks, and so much easier to understand when you see it done!

    Thanks to Jeff for 'volunteering' as videographer! He did a good job.


  2. Anonymous8:24 AM EST

    Both of you did a fantastic job! He is up early...give him credit for that!

  3. What a perfect square! I sure like the quilts you make.

  4. I forgot to get an easy angle! Off to buy one!

  5. Great film..........Thanks you for taking the time to give a demonstration. Some of us just learn better by seeing.........

  6. Great video, did you tip the cinematographer? LOL

  7. Hi Bonnie, Just wanted to say that I found the video very helpful and i'm glad that you took the time to put it together. I am totally excited about working on my first "Bonnie Mystery" today! Happy New Year!

  8. Wow, thanks alot. It is so much better to see it done than to try and follow written instruction. Good job!!!

  9. Good job Jeff!...ah, and you too Bonnie!

    With my eyesight being so wonky these days I found using one of those temporary arrows used by editors (avail at Staples) placed on the tiny ruler hash-mark makes life a lot simpler for me.

  10. I love the Easy Angle ruler, use it all the time. This looks like a fun mystery. 120 blocks, that will take me awhile don't be in a hurry to post step 2. :)

  11. Bonnie,

    I started watching/listening to your tutorial and Abby (from the other room) says "Mom, why do I hear Bonnie's voice??" Thank you so much for sharing this. I just might have to go out and get this ruler.



  12. Do you think it's possible to explain how to use the Easy Angle ruler - tell us where to find directions? Thanks!

  13. Two hours before New Year, too exhausted to work, too exhausted to use TV remote, DH not home yet, girls in bed...what to do? Bonnie's Mystery Quilt, my first. I'm so excited. So, may you have a wonderful New Year...I'm off to find my indigo blue and cream n' cheddar. Thanks!!

  14. I've had trouble with this block for years, and finally started doing exactly what you described. I thought it was me - that there was something wrong with the way I was piecing it - even though I rarely have trouble with other piecing. I'm so glad to see the one, the only, the great Bonnie Hunter! has trouble with the same unit. Makes me feel so much better!

  15. I love the video and I know you do not lisp from hearing your voice on other tapes.
    It helped me see what you were explaining. I need to get one of those rulers.
    XOXOXXO Subee

  16. That's a great video and many thanks to Jeff! It achieved what was needed - now off to check out the new mystery quilt!
    Happy Quilty 2009!

  17. Lotsth of uth have trouble with theam allowantheth Bonnie!

    I am very tempted by the new mystery;I'd better go choose my fabrics or I'll get left behind.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  18. loved it! :) I love it anytime you are talkin on a video :) and I agree.. he's up early so give Jeff some type of reward.. and who know's maybe he'll agree to film a little something for step 2? ;)

    I'm lurking along from Texas! Happy 2009! ~bonnie

  19. Thank you, Bonnie for the video. Your instructions had the AH HA! light bulb going off in my head. Hats off to Jeff, too. Happy New Year!

    Western Australia

  20. Anonymous9:16 AM EST

    Idefinately had a laugh: I had a dropje in my mouth too...
    But seriously: great tutorial!

  21. Both you and Jeff did a great job of the video. I love your designs and working on several. Thank you so much for posting them. Have a wonderful New Year!

  22. enjoyed both videos this one and the one up about the wind mill.
    Love seeing your surroundings there.
    Happy New Year


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