Saturday, December 06, 2008

2 offers...TAKEN!!

LISA, Please email me from your regular email address, I can't reply to you in blogger. I need your snail mail to put on this form for AP & Q!~

KATIE R...I will sign you up for the BH & G...but I can't reply to you in blogger either, so please contact me with your snail mail address.

If I don't hear from either of you in 24 hours, I'll open it up again.


I received a notice to renew my American Patchwork and Quilting subscription.

It also says that if I renew "now", I can give someone else a free 1 yr subscription. This is going to the first commenter who wants it. It's a $29.95 value :c)

Please, check the comments section to see if someone else before you has claimed it. I will also post HERE when it is TAKEN.

I also bought a couple rugs for my hallway, and with them comes a free subscription to Better Homes & Gardens magazine. I bought two rugs...so one subscription for me, and one for...YOU? Whoever you are?

Please, if you are after the American Patchwork & Quilting subscription, leave the Better Homes & Gardens to someone else, okay?

Ready? Set? Let me know!

PS.....The CHRISTMAS TREE is UP!!!!! I'll get pics tomorrow ;c)


  1. American Patchwork, please is what I should have written.

  2. does that mean I can get the better homes and gardens?! WOW!

  3. oh Lisa, you beat me to it. Congrats on the subscription. I am trying to cut down on my incoming patterns and use up what I have this year anyways.

  4. Katie & Lisa...you both get the subscriptions, but I need your email addresses and snail mail addresses please. When I try to reply to your comments I get that no-reply@blogger.com thing. ARGH.


  5. Hey, if they do not respond I would love it if you picked me.

    Amazing - I recently purchased Scraps & Shirttails at Bearpaws and Hollyhocks here in California! I have been collecting blue jeans for awhile thinking there was something I could make out of them. Shirts I have been giving away and that ended right after I purchased the book. So I will start the gathering and pick out things to make. I am excited.


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