Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Interview with Rosie!

I'm doing a phone interview with Rosie of Rosie's Calico Cupboard in a couple hours!

Can you tune in to Quilting with Rosie? Yes you can! And it's live! Click HERE for info :c)

The fun begins at 11am Pacific time! (that's 2pm my time....I keep checking the clock!)


  1. I missed it, gee darn... I want a recap! ;)

  2. Very cool! Wish I could make myself stay up that late, but I think I'll be lucky to make it to 10:30!

    Have fun, and don't trip over your tongue, as my mother used to say....

  3. I really enjoyed hearing your interview! It's nice putting a voice to a face!

  4. Bonnie, a quick note -- I stopped at a Joann's superstore yesterday and a man happened to be restocking the magazines. I asked about the new Quiltmaker--he said, "That one's not out yet."

  5. ETA: I *know* that QM is in the mail, as those who subscribe have reported. It's just that the newsstand copies aren't out yet.


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