Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In the Spirit of Yesterday's Post...


I didn't think that my question about who is responsible for Christmas in your house would get such a variety of replies! I think many of us are feeling overwhelmed. (I love that word overwhelmed....reminds me of a question I heard once....is anyone ever just plain ole WHELMED? Or ....under-whelmed? What is Whelmed anyway? :c├×)

Just in time, this funny pictorial of Red Neck Christmas Decorating came into my email box (Thanks Randee T!) and I thought it might give you a giggle. It's something that, yes.....even my menfolk might want to try!

*NOTE* Since these pics came in an email, I have no idea who they belong to. It is not my intention to "steal" pics, so I'm happy to link if someone can send me the original site.

*UPDATE* (Dec 2, 2009!) Almost a year from this post, someone sent me the LINK for these pics! Thanks!

Plus..I think once this is assembled, you can just throw a sheet over it and leave it in the garage all year!

Supplies Needed?

About 379 Mountain Dew Cans (give or take a few)
PVC Pipe
Wire (or as they say here in the Deep Southeast... WAHHHHHRRR!)
DRILL. (Oh yes, power tools get their attention!)
Christmas Tree Stand.
Shag Carpet Optional ;c)

I'm sitting here wondering how this would look with my affinity to diet Dr Pepper cans :c)

Add some lights, some ornaments, and a big 2 liter bottle "angel" for the top!

Turn on the Christmas music...preferably "Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer" Or my latest Red Neck Christmas favorite, Jeff Foxworthy's 12 days of Christmas!

Yes, Virginia...I'm really getting into the mood now! I have to laugh at this because I have a friend who has an old mustang GT....This one is dedicated to you!


  1. Wow, the tree looks pretty once all lite up!!! My hubby would love this!!!

    WAHHHHRRRRR LMAOOO, pronouncing that word out loud reminds me of my old boss, she was from KY and had that accent errr slang in her voice, gave me a giggle.

    You should save the DrPep cans for next year, would look neat in all redish/brown with white lights.

  2. If you wonder about being "whelmed," you'll laugh yourself silly with this piece that uses tons of words like that. I saw it in a magazine years ago and fortunately, it's now online: http://beebo.org/smackerels/how-i-met-my-wife.html

  3. Thanks for a wonderful, loud laugh on this grey, dreary day here in Kentucky. We take pride in all of our relatives!!!

  4. That was too Funny! I've never heard that song before, but it was a good redneck one. My SIL will love it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Now I think I've seen it all..........It's kind of pretty all lite up though. LOL

  6. Last week we were home in KY visiting family for Thanksgiving and I've been trying to catch up on blog reading after being gone for a week...

    and this post IS THE BEST ONE I Have read yet!!!! So funny!! and I have to admit...that tree turned out MUCH better than I thougth it would! but DON"T tell my husband I said that! LOL

    Love from Texas!

  7. WELL......you're a redneck if.....

  8. whelmed, well, I think that is one of those things that "you gotta be" before you know what it is, and most of us have only been over "whelmed" or under whelmed, you know... Actually when that tree is decorated, it didn't look too bad! HUMMM, maybe you have something there (in my best redneck accent). I wonder, like you what it would look like in coke cans.
    Have a great day and good luck with your interview.

  9. Anonymous2:10 PM EST

    LOLOLOL you know .. with the lights on, it's actually sparkly and bright, just what you want for your cmas tress with a gazillion lights ..

    LMBO thanx for the giggle


  10. Bonnie, to be truley "Southern" this would have to be a Budweiser tree. At my house it would be Bud Light with red and white lights. I just Love this tree. How great it would look in a game room or on a deck beside a pool.

  11. thanks for sharing the picture of can tree... although I know folks who used empty snuff can lids as decorations,,, and made garland from pop/beer tabs.... nothing suprises me .. but hey different strokes.. Happy Stitching, Amy

  12. so funny - amazing that all lite up it looks good! I have to show this to my hubby.

  13. I must be a red-neck, I think I like it, although it would be much better with Diet Coke, my drink of choice. Yet another reason to drink more soda. I needed a good laugh, thanks for posting this. . . Lovie

  14. Anonymous6:25 PM EST

    Ha! That's actually kind of cute. And I give them a big thumbs up for Recycling! :D

  15. That is the coolest christmas tree ever!

  16. A++++ for recycling! And from a distance (passing car) you wouldn't even be able to tell that it's not a real tree except for the 2 liter on top. LOL


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