Sunday, December 28, 2008

Down with the Dogs!!

That would be my INTERNET CONNECTION...not me!

It has been the hugest pain to get the computers back running in this house. What should be simple, just ISN'T! We also had to take back the cable modem and swap it out, and then take the router we bought back and exchange it for something else....it's been mind numbing. Not to mention I've got a very grumbly DH over the whole thing.

So...I went upstairs to the guest room and took a nap! I think I needed it :cD

Here are a couple pics of Lucy's dog Joseph! You have to say it the Dutch way tho.....YYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOseph! Especially when you are out walking in the woods with him and he takes off after many various smells that catch his fancy :c)

He is a lovely dog, so friendly and affectionate. And I could tell he accepted me right away, because it didn't take long for him to discover the body bag full of quilts as a great place to curl up and take a nap.

I've managed to add a "printer-friendly" link to the Double Delight Intro page for those who are interested.

I've been sewing the units ahead of you as you know, and I found that the amounts I had figured on the brown were VERY close, in fact, I needed a bit more, so I have upped that yardage to be 1.5 yards instead of 1 yard. I ended up using more of it than I thought due to a slight design change that improves the overall quilt design greatly! Hey, this is the design process, and I reserve the right to switch mid stream if I like it better ;c) I'm sorry if that causes anyone any problems. Remember, your browns can be scrappy, or you can even have half of one and half of another, using two browns if that works for you.

I've been doing some thinking....someone asked me where my focus fabric was, and though I never thought about it much, I realize that I work a bit differently than other mystery designers. I don't work with focus fabrics! I tend to work with a color palette, using many fabrics that might not even be related to each other, other than their color family. If you asked me which was medium and which was dark....I don't even see it that way. I see colors. In this case, Pink, Blue, Brown, Gold (neutral as the background).....and I see pink as the dominant color, but none of the other colors come about due to what colors are printed in the pink fabrics. I just like how colors play together.

If you want, you CAN choose a focus fabric, use it in place of your "gold" and choose 3 other colors from within your focus fabric to go with it. I also have used a focus fabric for pulling colors together, and then REMOVED the focus fabric, just using it as a guide to choose the others. This works really well. So it might be a funky dinosaur print you want to use as a "color guide".....because of the colors in it, but you aren't actually going to use that dinosaur fabric IN the quilt, get my drift?

Tomorrow is Monday. A whole week since I came home. Why doesn't it feel like it yet?

You know what I am looking forward to the most? Having the house to MYSELF on monday and tuesday before ANOTHER long holiday weekend kicks off!


  1. Joseph looks like a good dog.
    Thanks for all the info about the new mystery quilt. I for one appreciate your time and effort for something fun for us out here in blogland.
    Have fun Monday and Tuesday!!

  2. I think most everyone enjoys playing along with you--even if you do "improve" things along the way and make changes. LOL. The ride along on your mystery quilts are such fun and rolling with it pays off in the end. And if someone does complain you know there are at least 100 of us who aren't complaining because you rock! SMILE. Thanks for making so many of us happy with these mysteries. You are my favorite mystery designer..shh!

  3. I have to admit to looking forward to having the house to myself tomorrow...I still have too many boxes.

  4. Your not the only one wanting the house back to themself. I can not wait!!!! LOL!!
    I hope you get the computer problems fixed and soon.

  5. Bonnie,
    You just keep doing the whole color play thing...because personally I think that is a TALENT! Your quilts are beautiful, and awe-inspiring! I love to see what you put together and always love your finished result. I for one want to copy this one exactly it sounds wonderful to me. I appreciate your willingness to share this talent with us. Thank you for all your efforts and enjoy that house!
    (I love him, but somedays I would rather be alone....LOL!)

  6. sorry about the computer problems - very sucky. you ARE crazy for starting another mystery quilt. enjoy all that sewing alone time!

  7. AMEN! I love having hubby home, but I was ready to be ALONE for a few days!


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