Friday, December 26, 2008

New Years Eve Mystery, Anyone?

I know it's nuts. This is the way my life is.......short notice, always on the go, always at the craziest time, hey....let's do a mystery!

I'm working on quilts for the next book, as you know, and there is one that I just KNOW you will love. This is a color controlled mystery so you can choose your palette.

The quilt center finishes at 63.5 X 76.5 approximately.

The colors I am using? Double pinks, shirtings, indigo blues, and a deep chocolate brown, and....some cheddar or gold! :cD Yes, I'm going to the strip bins first for my lights and my pinks and blues....they can be scrappy. The brown and the gold will be uniform yardage to pull every thing together.

Yardage amounts are posted HERE....this will give everyone a few days before we start the new year! I'm thinking of starting New Years Eve Day......

Are you game?

This is going to one of those where I post the steps as they are ready.....my life is going to get crazy starting mid January and who knows when it will slow down, so I can't plan it like "post one step every two weeks". It just doesn't work, but you know what? It isn't a race, and you can just go at your own pace. Leave it for 2 weeks if you want to, and come back to it.

The mystery will remain online until it is time to publish the book, at which time it will be retired from online availability.

The name of this quilt? DOUBLE DELIGHT!

Couldn't you use some Double Delight in your life right now?

Come on! You know you want to!



  1. OMGosh...I haven't posted on my blog since I did Old Tobacco Road. That was the first mystery quilt I'd done and I am totally hooked. I'm going to go gather my fabrics now.

    COUNT ME IN!!!!!

  2. Oh Goody......... I just adore your mysteries.................

    Great way to be with friends on New Years Day.

  3. sounds fun! :) I finally blogged my appreciation for the BHG subscription. I am so thankful, sorry it took me awhile. Dec. has been crazy. (I know most months are crazy for you) Thank you again!

  4. I am up for a good mystery, I just finished a UFO may as well have a few more in the works.
    What size will the strips be I will start pulling fabric.

  5. OK - I will probably live to regret this - hook me up! I haven't had a good mystery quilt in a while!!

  6. sounds like fun. Just what I need--NOT. But I'll probably do it anyway.

  7. Oh, yeah, I haven't got anything else going on! LOL Count me in - this is my first mystery quilt with Quiltville and I'm looking forward to it.

  8. Anonymous11:33 AM EST

    Count me in!

    It'll be my first, but i can't wait!

  9. Hmmm, so tempting!!

  10. So fun Bonnie! I guess I cannot let it be:o)
    And with the pattern as it goes, share some of your energy with us, I know I could really use some:-D *lol*
    Hope you enjoy this as much as us crazy fans of your mysteries:o)

  11. I am in too although I am also doing another mystery. But I am a super acheiver and can sew on two at the same time. Who needs to sleep!??!!!?!!!!!!
    I tried the link for fabric reg. on your website and it was not "up" yet.

  12. I need something new to get my New Year going...I can't wait!

  13. I hope you had a great Christmas Bonnie. You've got such an incredible amount of energy to start a mystery right after the holiday! I am awed and impressed.

  14. Bonnie, I love the fabrics you've pulled out, those colors go together good. :) chocolate and cheese, whoda thought? LOL

    Double Delight what a intriguing name... ;) and no need to apologize about not knowing when the next step will be posted.. that's just one of the little things that sets your mysteries apart from anyone else’s... it's a mystery when the next part will post. And you are right.. it isn't a race! so many forget that..

    Can't wait to follow along.. and geta preview of something for book 2 perhaps ;) Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  15. Anonymous1:34 PM EST

    Yeah. Count me in! I love the colors you choose.

  16. My DH will kill me...I still have Carolina Crossroads sitting in a box just waiting for the blocks to be sewn together...what the heck! I'm in....

  17. Oh what a surprise, of course I am in ;-). I am hooked on mysteries since I started the OC and since that one and OTR are finished, I am in!

  18. Sigh.... Well if you're nuts then I'm nuts too. I doubt I'll be able to resist! :-)

  19. Oh, Bonnie - what a way to start 2009 - a nice big surprise for us all! Just love those repros - double pinks are my favourites and I have used many in past Mysteries.
    Thanks again! Hugs - Lurline♥

  20. Ohhh, I'm loving the look of this one already, just my kind of fabrics.
    You're truly amazing hon.

  21. Why not, sounds like fun count me in thanks Bonnie.....

  22. Okay. We'll be gone New Year's Eve and day (weather permitting) but I'm in.

    I don't follow directions very well, though so here are my colors:
    --purples instead of double pinks
    --teals green/blues instead of browns
    --various lights for the background
    --hot pinks for the indigos
    --yellow/light oranges for the cheddar.

    I told you I don't follow directions very well. But it is all from stash--though I may have to buy another yard to fill in.

  23. Can't believe I'm doing this with everything else that's started, but I can't resist, 3 blocks done and only 117 to go :-).

  24. Dear Bonnie,Please count me in for this mystery, I am looking forward to getting started.Love Dale


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