Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Elves Came!

Look! The tree is UP...and I didn't have to do it myself :c) Do you think my family has been reading my blog? *LOL*

Oh, and before I go any further....Sharleen sent me this FUNNY VIDEO you HAVE to see. It's entitled "BEWARE OF THE DOGHOUSE" I died laughing...please take a side trip to see it!

This is just one of those things where many hands make light work. Okay....Four hands is better than Two? Jeff was at work, so he missed out on the festivities.

There are a lot of things I'm not putting out this year....like garland down the banisters. I'm not decorating the front porch either because the porch railing is completely hidden by bushes. But I did get the candle lights in the windows. I love those.

I swapped the every day dishes for the Christmas dishes....

The only thing left to do is to hang the stockings. This mantle needs some cup hooks :c)

Here is a pic of the little "Streak of Sunshine" I pieced at Charity Bee on Thursday. It's not much of anything, but it is nice to have a top to donate to a good cause at the end of the meeting. Somehow, these kinds of quilts are the ones that fill my heart more than any other, no matter how humble they may be.

Mad City Mama is now QUILTED! Yeah! And I've got the binding ready to stitch down. I'm glad I was convinced not to bother with borders, the black stripe print I used for the binding really is going to finish things off nicely!

So now....that's two bindings and two sleeves to finish. I think I'll be placing my butt in the recliner and watching some movies to do handwork by today.

*SINGING* "Baby, It's Cold Outside!", and I'm staying IN!


  1. bonnie, as always you have made the right decision with regard to your quilt. any other border would have muddied the water, so to speak. it's perfect as is, sometimes a binding is all it needs. well done, gal, again!

  2. I love Mad City Mama. The yellow is perfect. You are so inspiring.

  3. Your quilt is outstanding the yellow sashing just does it!. P.S. the video is a hoot. I am going to show it to my girlfriends. I am sure they will be forwarding to their husbands. lol

  4. LOVE how you quilted MCM. those swirls look great amidst all the straight lines. wheee, hurrah for the elves! can you send them on over here now? hope you enjoyed your day of movie watching.

  5. Oh, the yellow is just perfect for Mad City Mama! You had me LOL over at Lucy's blog. Loved your comment about her nice morning picture! LOL Loved your interview by Rosie, BTW.

  6. I'm glad to see someone has a tree up. I have put the candles in the window. I bought an artifical tree on Black Friday. However it is sitting in the box in the middle of the kitchen!!! I'm off to work on my blocks for tomorrow night guild meeting!!

  7. I actually did get a vaccuum for my Anniversary. I was delighted, but I will make sure my husband sees the video. Love your MCM, and I hope I can make it to the finish line with my postage stamps too.

  8. I love Mad City Mama. DS put up our tree over thanksgiving and then went back to college. He kicks me out of the livingroom for decoration. You can see the tree on my blog.

    Merry Christmas,

  9. Bonnie, I received the book and can't believe how fast it came! I have featured your book on my blog today. http://homemakingdreams.blogspot.com/2008/12/scrap-quilting-treat-to-myself.html


  10. Your tree looks great and sometimes with decoration less is more. What a wonderful way to spend the day, hand sewing and watching movies. Have fun!
    Merry Christmas!

  11. I just love how Mad City Mama looks Bonnie hon, your work is always amazing. Thank heavens for the elves, I was worried that Christmas wouldn't arrive for you. Thank you for your messages of concern hon, love you to bits.

  12. Merry Merry..........the tree is up and your Christmas spirit is high.....enjoy every minute of this wonderful season. We all have so much to celebrate!
    Thank you for sharing your quilts with us...... I just love the yellow and blue together...its so fresh and crisp.

    Happy Sewing Bonnie!

  13. Anonymous9:27 PM EST

    Love your Tree Bonnie, look out for the postie, I have mailed the Magazine to you.


  14. the tree looks great! the quilts are beautiful!!! love the mad city mama!

  15. I'm envious of your elves! ;) Inquiring minds need to know... what's that quilting design on MCM? Well done!!

  16. Like the swirlies on MCM. You are right the yellow is stronger than any border you could have put on it! Enjoy the movies....

  17. I am envious of the elves!! I am glad they came to help you out, they usually come when needed the most. Your quilting is so pretty on your scrappy quilt, and the sashing pulls it all in so well.

  18. I love your Mad City Mama quilt!


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