Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Postal Elves!

Goodies have shown up on my doorstep!

The first...with an address of "Santa Clause, North Pole, Alaska". The envelope contained beautiful star scattered piece of batik, all for me! Also included was a pamphlet for a quilt show in the Netherlands in 2009, asking if I was going to be there. Unfortunately the answer is no, not this time! I wish I could,but I am scheduled to be elsewhere while that show is on.

Thank you, Thank you, Santa, whoever you are!

And look what Deb sent me from Battleground, MN!

Remember me talking about these insulated cups and tumblers this past summer? My memories of using them at my grandparent's house when I was growing up? (I always fought over the aqua colored one with my brother!) Deb has sent me some heartstring blocks to go into a charity quilt, the cutest little Santa ornament, and SIX holiday colored squatty insulated tumblers!

I love them Deb, thanks SO MUCH! :cD

Last night was our Christmas Dinner for Forsyth Piecers & Quilters. Each "BEE" was to decorate a table. I have to tell you that we have very talented ladies in this Bee, AKA the Ms Bee Havens, and they also have wicked senses of humor! Amongst all the holiday sparkle of green and red tables decoarted with Christmas Cheer, our table was covered with black table cloths, lengths of silver chain (and some red glitter ribbon as well) and our center piece was a Singing Santa on a Harley! He actually bounced and danced and sang "Born to be Wild..." *LOL*

We complimented our decor by wearing "GOT FABRIC?" Shirts with white writing on Black....and tied batik "DO RAGS" on our heads. The finishing touch? a "BORN TO QUILT" Tattoo!

At the end of the night, the Born To Be Wild Santa on the Harley was donated to the 'Toys for Tots' box...and we posed for this picture.

The GOT FABRIC? shirts are a fund raiser for a local cause here in Winston Salem. I've emailed Leann asking if she would like to accept mail order for the shirts if anyone is interested. I'll post again with her reply! It could be that she is already swamped and taking on a mail order thing might be a bit much for her. They sure are fun shirts, aren't they?


  1. OOOOOOOO I hope she is taking orders..... I want one. I also love the name of your group..... wonder if we can start a Yankee branch LOL


  2. Oh...I'd love to buy a "Got Fabric?" t-shirt if they become available through the mail!!! Keep us posted, okay? LOVELY items you got in the mail, too. And...how CLEVER to do that Harley-themed table with your group...looks like you all had a ball doing it!

  3. I would love a "got fabric ?" shirt.. looks like a great time.
    and as far the cancer causing mat.. I would rather get cancer from sewing then smoking cigs... I quit over a year ago and reward myself with quilty things instead,, have a great week. Amy

  4. I would also love to get a t-shirt with "Got Fabric" on it. I follow your blog daily (even checking it when you are out of town) so if you can do this for us, I'll know. --Peg

  5. Love the Got Fabric? t-shirts. Sounds like it could be a bigger fund-raiser than expected with your exposure! Poor volunteers have to work so hard, don't they?
    You sound like you are so enjoying your time off - glad you are able to re-charge before it starts again in 2009!
    Happy Days!

  6. Too funny!
    Wish you had sent a video of the Santa!

    Love the tatoo where ever did you find them?

    Nothing like some good creative fun with friends to relax and recharge...you look like you are having a ball Bonnie!

    Happy Sewing!

  7. Not only the shirt, but I'd love to have the Tatoo! I hate the real ones, but once sent my grandkids home with fake tatoos and green hair. My daughter-in-law didn't blink and eye. I wonder what everyone would do if I showed up myself with a Born to quilt tatoo!
    Carline in COLD Washington State

  8. You can drop me a note if you want to order a t-shirt ($10 plus shipping)

    The tattoos were ordered from www.blockpartystudios.com
    they are great!!!

  9. oh my goodness...you guys are fabulous, creative, and fierce!


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