Friday, January 02, 2009

Sitting and Waiting...

The Christmas Tree is down. It's amazing how quickly you can un-decorate during a football half time!! It's nice to have things back to "normal". I have always taken everything down on New Years Day. It's the start of a new year, out with the old, so to speak!

You know I've been having internet issues. It seems to be related to my cable service in general. Now the TV is coming in all pixelated. BADLY. So I am sitting upstairs typing on the laptop waiting for the cable guy.

I can't hear the doorbell downstairs in the quilting room, because the doorbell gave up the ghost yesterday! I guess it rang the old year out, the new year in, and died! This is the story of my life I guess! I wonder what else will fall apart around here, it's getting to the point of hilarity.

No matter. The house is quiet. I've got binding to do on the Scrappy Trips quilt..I've got music playing, TV can be OFF for all I care.

If you are following along with the Double Delight Mystery, part 2 and part 3 are now up!

And since all my pics are on the other computer, and I have nothing really else to share with you today (blissful normal friday!) I thought I'd share with you the dorky movie I made at the top of the windmill with Lucy!

It was too dark inside the windmill to do much videoing..I wish I made this one longer. Look at the thatched roof...it's reeds...packed inches thick on top of a wood frame. You could see the framing inside the windmill in my previous pictures. I love this memory!


  1. Part 3? Yoicks! I still have 240 squares in squares to make and I don't know where my EZ Angle is.

  2. Anonymous10:17 AM EST

    Hey girl....it is time for a play date together! Bring this mystery unless of course your finished with it! I'm sure you've got another something lined up to work on! :-) Mary

  3. You know I have only gotten as far as pulling the fabric for this mystery! I may need many pots of coffee to catch up!

  4. I just caught up on your blog and also the yahoo group. I usually lurk but don't comment, but I was really moved by what you said this morning about your old guild, and just wanted you to know that I have been inspired so much by your website and also your mystery quilts and blogs. You put so much of yourself out there for us to enjoy and I hope you realize how wonderful it is for us. Right now I have a scrappy strings and a scrappy trips in progress, one OC finished and one OC waiting for borders, a Patches and Pinwheels that just needs quilting and now a fun DD mystery to work on in between laundry and taking down the tree. All of these were made from my stash and scraps. So thanks for all you do, if you come to sunny AZ I will be at the meeting for sure.

  5. Hi NC Neighbor Bonnie, Sorry you are having so much trouble at the house. We have been in our house for 4 years and are still "smoothing" things out. We cannot get cable so we finally had to go to a satellite connection, one for the TV and one for the computer. Yes, we do live out in the country. Good luck with all of that! I am loving your mystery quilt! I had checked out PlanetPatchwork's New Years Day mystery but was not enthused by the end result. I can see already that I am going to like your mystery. You are a very generous person to share all that you do, lots of free patterns, and advice with those of us on the internet. I especially like your ideas on how to "make" and organize scraps and the use of leaders and enders. No waste is a "good thing" as Martha would say. hahaha Don't think you know how much we appreciate all of that. Well, guess I had better go buy your book now.

  6. I love the movie! How fun! And talk about sad - we had to watch Andy G from 9am until 9pm yesterday. A little andy is fine, but 12 hours of it! geez

  7. Oh my God! Part 2 and Part 3 are online. And I´m sure, tomorrow Part 4 is comming. I´m sorry, but you are to fast for me :-(
    In my next live i will sewing the Mysterie :-)
    Regrads from Germany

  8. Well, my tree is still up and lit. It's all your fault. I spent New Years Day cutting my stash into strips & squares just the way you told me to! Part #3 on DD...Yikes. I haven't even picked the fabrics yet. TV..who has time for TV? Have fun playing with Mary. You two deserve a playday.

  9. Thank you for the Mystery goodness, Bonnie. I really appreciate all your effort. Thank you!!!


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