Monday, March 24, 2008

A Use For "Iffy" Fabrics!

I have found a place where I will dare to use a poly/cotton blend fabric!

And before you gasp......

It's the HANGING SLEEVE! I had a sweet sweet lady donate some "shirt" type fabrics to me when she found I was working with recycled fabrics. She sent me YARDS of this great grey/white stripe oxford cloth. I love the look of oxford cloth, but it is rare to find it in 100% cotton, and when I ironed this...yep...poly in it. You can just SMELL poly when you iron it, can't you?

*LOL* It reminds me of the "Child Catcher" in Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang! Instead of "Children! I smell Children!" It's "POLY!! I SMELL POLY!!" and I kind of make that face too when I iron it :c)

But what's worse? Poly blends ending up in a landfill? Or poly blends being used in appropriate places and having a purpose? Think green...use the poly blends for foundations in string piecing, or use them as I did...as the hanging sleeve on the back of a quilt! It will suit the purpose just fine. And I have the memory of this sweet little lady who gave so much so generously.

I'll send a pic when I finish stitching it down!

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