Thursday, March 06, 2008

Poor Poor Pitiful Puppy!!

Buddy spent time yesterday at the vets getting his new permanent cast on. Just like human patients, we had to wait for swelling to go down before we could really wrap it up good.

We are lucky in that the bone wasn't displaced and surgery wasn't required. And silly boy, he loves going to the vet for all the petting, ear scratches and tickles he gets! What a sucker! *LOL*

We go back in 2 weeks to get it checked again. The funniest part is that because the cast goes so far up his leg, he has a hard time lying down because the leg won't bend. You nearly need to push him over onto his side to get the leg out from under him.

I'm just glad that it wasn't any worse than it is. Our pets are such a huge part of our family. We worry about them just as much as we do our children!

Here are some pics of the second class I gave in the Atlanta area....Scrappy Bargello! We had so much fun with this class! I love hearing the grunts and groans as people are encouraged to sew something "uuuuugggglyyyy" next to something they normally wouldn't pair it with! So many comments of "I swear I never bought this!" or "I can't belive I still HAVE this...it's at least 20 years old!" or "I'll trade you THIS ugly one....for THAT ugly one!" Too much fun. The pictures tell it all...we had so much variety, it was really fun to walk around the room and see how different they all were, and the variety of fabrics that were being used. Since this was a scrap class, I encouraged everyone to use fabric they already had on hand. To clear out some old stuff, to not buy anything..and to just have a power-sewing day of fun!

Several of the ladies had these tables by "sew ezi" and as I talked to them about the tables, I got nothing but raves! I had seen them at quilt shows, but didn't want to lug one around, and who knows when I'll get to another BIG show where I'll have a vehicle to drive it home with me, so I went online and ordered one! They fold up, they have wheels, a cover....and an insert that makes your sewing machine flush with the top of the table. Perfect for retreats!

Today I'm going to a charity quilt day with Mrs Goodneedle! I'm really looking forward to meeting the ladies there at her church who do this every Thursday. It's just for a couple hours, but is just what the doctor ordered. Some sewing time for me with ladies from my own location! I need to start meeting people here. I've been here a month now. Boy, does time fly!


  1. I love my sew ezi table. bought an extra insert for my smaller janome which has come in handy when the bg machine is being serviced. I use the sew ezi my main table in my tiny sewing room.

  2. oh, poor buddy. but what a stylish cast he has. your description of how he has to lay down made me laugh - that's how Lily often lays down - she just falls straight over onto her side. Those bargellos all look great. Glad you have found a bunch of quilters to go sew with - hurrah!

  3. I noticed his duct taped paw on his cast and it made me giggle. When my dog had a cast we tried that too. But wow...it gets wet inside of there quick because they start wearing down the tape with the way it drags when they walk. It starts to smell...badly. I ended up making her a few boots to go over it. I used that vinyl with the flannel backing. Now, I'd probably just use the clear vinyl in the thickest gauge I could find. I made it u-shaped. I don't remember if I put in elastic or if I used velcro. I know at one point I used the heavy duty adhesive velcro and stuck it right to her cast, on the underside where she couldn't get at it and then sewed a piece of velcro to the boot to keep it on. I don't remember if that worked though.

    Give him some ear rubs for me!

  4. Poor buddy! Here's hoping he is better soon. Love the comments from the Bargello class!


  5. Poor baby!! He looks like he could use an extra scratch behind the ear.

  6. I am so glad you are back and that Buddy is ok! Do I ever have some info you are gonna love!!!

    Check this out: http://scrappynhappy.blogspot.com/2008/03/ohhhhhhh-nooooooo.html

  7. Oh poor Pup!

    You will Love your SewEzi table! I finally had a good suggestion for my kids my last birthday... they all pitched in with their father and got me one! I love it!

  8. Poor puppy! He looks like he's loving all the attention! Yes, they're like our children, aren't they?
    Glad you had a fun class. Looks like everyone there had a good time. I love the Scrappy Bargello pattern, and can't wait to make another one. Yes, it needs to be done from stash. Much more interesting that way!
    Thanks for the tip on the sewing table. I'm looking for something for my small sewing room. Will be checking that out!

  9. I"ve always drooled over those tables too and wondered how they worked. Sure tell me they love them so I have to spend more money!!!! Oh poor Buddy.... I need to come and give him some love!

  10. Poor puppy -- hope he's better soon! Love all of the photos from your trip, it looks like a whole lot of fun! And that table? Oh yeah, that would be LOVELY.

  11. Poor buddy!! Hope he recovers soon. Our dog loves going to the vets too - thinks it is some kind of social club I think!!
    Sounds like the class was a blast :)

  12. Seeing Buddy in his cast is pitiful, but he still looks oh-so proud! I hope the bone heals lickity split. Thanks for all your help yesterday, I am convinced that God has had a hand in your re-location, you are a blessing!

  13. I love that left hand photo of Buddy. He looks like he is thinking "what do you mean it's not dignified to have a green cast on my leg?" Poor puppy must have given himself a fright. I guess he'll be using he stairs from now on. I hope both your patients mend soon!

  14. Poor Buddy! I hope he's a fast learner and won't try the fast way off the deck again! He looks so sweet!

  15. You will love your sew ezi table, I went to a class here in Australia with Brenda Smith and she had one. Also did another class with a lady who had one, she raved about how comfy it was to use


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