Friday, March 28, 2008

Bargain Basement & Kentucky Album...

I finished the binding and the hanging sleeve on Bargain Basement! I also found a great place to photo the quilts. I used to hang them off my fence in SC, but this place HAS no fence,so I was wondering where I could photo quilts away from the wind and direct sun, etc.

The back of the house has a latice wall! It's the perfect height, and clothes pins work great to hang a quilt out of the wind and sun. So that's my new spot.

The only problem (and it isn't really a problem per se) is that the cross hatching of the latice almost looks like the quilt doesn't stop with the binding in the photos! Oh well...if *I* can get used to it, maybe it won't bug you so much either!

So here are the photos of Bargain Basement!I did tall dogteeth borders, and following the lead of our quilters past, I just let the borders end where the borders end...so all the corners are slightly different. Talk about fun and no stress!

The big red plaid in the border was from a lady's jumper that I took apart. There was a ton of red plaid in that jumper! (It was a 3XXX!) The black homespun plaid binding was actually a bathrobe...yes...made out of homespun, just like we'd buy off the bolt. Lots of yardage in that too.

The back....I used up fabric from a skirt...the blue gingham with the fruit on it, and some other older yardage that had a "plaidy-stripe-y" feel to it. Seems like I've been trying to get rid of that bolt of blue noah's ark fabric for ever. I've still got a lot of that in tan too! I used the left over dog tooth border in the back as well.

My report on the gym front....I've been 4 days in a row! And I'm having fun. The ladies there are really nice, the music isn't so booming loud that we can actually carry on conversations as we move around from station to station. I'm a bit sore,but not too much, so I know I'm not over doing it. The last two days I've walked the mile there (extremely up hill on the way there, but down hill on the way home) and did my work out, and then walked home to cool down. It's perfect!

Last night I worked on those crossed album blocks. I'm calling it "Kentucky Album" Because the quilt Lucy and I fell in love with was found in Kentucky...or on our trip TO Kentucky anyway! I've chosen a brown print with blue and coral in it for the sashings.

I wanted something that didn't make it so "blue and mauve" like the 1990s...even tho some of the fabrics I used up must at least be that old too! *LOL* Some of this stuff....my brain was telling me DON'T USE THAT!! and then that little voice in my ear would say "women with a mere scrap bag to choose from WOULD GLADLY use that and be grateful for it.." (Pffft!) so I used it. I figured, better to be in a quilt, than to still be in that strip bin making me grumble every time I dug past it. So...it's IN THE QUILT. Little heart prints, little calicoes...but it isn't half bad...from FAR away! :cD

It needs borders. I looked through books for border inspirations, and nothing is catching me. Maybe I'll just let it stew a while?


  1. Great quilt! I never cease to be amazed at how fast you get things done!

    I have sent you an email to two different email addresses this past week - did you get either one of them? I just found an email from Tonya in my spam folder!

    have a great weekend!

  2. I love the bargain basement quilt---very pleasing composition! I especially like your use of red and the scattered little pieced blocks.

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  4. Neat quilt!

    You could hang a king size sheet over the lattice before you hang the quilt. My stone house used to be in the background on my photos and someone told me that was distracting. And I thought it was ok!

  5. Anonymous11:00 AM EDT

    Bonnie, love your new quilts! What an amazing quilter!! You 're accomplishments inspire me!! Thanks, Patty

  6. I love the Bargain Basement Quilt... I might be inspired to make one myself, since I have a lot of plaids from making another plaid scrap quilt! Of course, I might have to rethink that... When I was sewing that plaid scrap quilt, the designs of the fabric were driving me insane that I couldn't even look at it afterwards! I gave it to my sister and still get dizzy when she brings it out. At least she loves it. :)

  7. I love Bargain Basement. Re the lattice. How about painting it a contrasting colour - white, pale green? Something that will show the quilts up, but not look as if the lattice is part of the quilt.

    Wooo hoo - border is on! Take a look when you have a spare 2 minutes LOL.

  8. Love the quilt!! But, how do you manage to get all this done when you are as busy as you are???? I can't seem to get anything done.

  9. I love your Kentucky Album quilt! The sashing and cornerstones really bring it to life! :o)

  10. "Bargin Basement" is great. You work so-o-o fast. Wish I could move that fast. It was great meeting you at Augsburg on Thursday.

  11. Oh man, I LOVE bargin basement! That one is wonderful!

  12. Wow, I could have used that 3X jumper! Just kidding-I love what you did with it! Great quilt! Sounds like you are happy in NC.

  13. Nothing you do ever “just hangs”. Love both quilts!


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