Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Blursday!!

Days are flying by so fast and so full they are making my head spin!

The past few days I've been dealing with lots of "red tape" as far as getting NC driver's licenses, registering cars, etc.

Did you know that everywhere else in the world a passport is a valid form of ID..complete with pic, social security #, etc...EXCEPT for North Carlina?!

Did you know that your social security card says on the back (or is it the front) of it that it is not to be used as a form of ID?

March into a NC DMV...as a new resident, and you have to present your birth certificate, your out of state license, your social security card, and proof of residency. NO PASSPORTS ACCEPTED. I find this so bogus because passports SHOULD be harder to get than drivers licenses.

Needless to say, DH and son have become fully licensed NC drivers, but not so for me. For somewhere in this move...MY file of vital records is missing! (Except for the passport.)

I spent 2 hours today in line at the social security office to order a new card. They gave me the receipt for it and told me the new one would be here in 2 weeks. EEEEK. I don't know if the receipt for it will be valid enough to get a drivers license with , but it wouldn't surprise me in the least of it wasn't.

Then the other stupid thing...DH says to just let him register my car under his name. Both our names are on the lien...so I said..okay....Only to find that when I traded the PT in on this car...and registered it...they never changed me from PT Cruiser to Saturn VUE in SC!!! They still have me listed as driving that PT? At least on my current registration it is...SO..no license plates for me yet. (And mine just expired, go figure)

I have to phone the lien holder, and have them send a copy of the title so I can take THAT back to the license plate place and get my NC plates. But I can't get the plates UNTIL I am a licensed NC driver...and I couldn't do that until I had proof of insurance in NC...

Do you see how this goes round in circles?

So between yesterday and today...all I've accomplished is to order a new copy of my birth certificate (which had to be notarized at the bank) and ordered a replacement SS card (which may be here in 2 weeks.)

And if I get pulled over for driving on expired out of state plates, supposedly registered to another vehicle...what do I tell them? Will they believe this story? It's just INSANE here!

So...I blew off some steam looking at funky old quilts. What do you think of this one? I love how the spiderwebs are more "squarish!" Aren't they funky!? It all depends on how you draw that angle on your foundation, whether it comes out more round, or blocky. I think this one is fun...I never get tired of string piecing!


  1. Hey Bonnie:

    Are you sure you don't live in New Jersey????!!!! ROFLOL

    I got married 2 1/2 years ago; had to wait 6 months in order to get the the SS office when they were open (time off is hard in Credit/Collections); between the mortgage, homestead rebate, utilities, car loan, etc. (ALL of which are still in my maiden name since it would cost too much in time & money to transfer) then having his, mine & ours checking accounts & having to deal with a time share that is half in the ex's name. . . .well, suffice it to say that I HEAR YA, GIRLFRIEND!!!

    Just hope that you get pulled over by either a nice cop or one that at least has a sense of humor (NOT that I am wishing that on you).

    All I can advise is to keep laughing, it's more fun than crying!


  2. Oh, Bonnie, that's awful. Wonder where your box of IDs is? I lost my nice minivan key with the remote entry several months ago and I swear it just disappeared off the face of the earth somewhere between the van and the door twenty feet away. Hope you can get all that ever-so-vital-to-the-bureaucracy stuff soon.

  3. Funny I was going to ask you if you'd like the NY red tape but I guess its just as bad as NJ and everywhere else. Good ole homeland security.....just makes it harder for us law abiding citizens that never even think an illegal thought.
    Remember how easy it use to be to fly? Oh well.....:0)

    Love the old quilts, where did you get to see them? These look made pretty free style don't you think?

  4. Perfect quilt pictures to go along with your spinning in circles day!

    I enjoy your blog, your happiness, your wonky style! -- Karleen

  5. Geez...and we thought NJ was bad!

    Actually getting our "tags" (I can't get used to that) and drivers licenses in NC went very smoothly. But then again I didn't have missing papers. Sorry it's been such a pain for you.

  6. Bonnie - I reckon that the NC officials are first cousins to the French civil servants, the French are lovely people, their papertrail system stinks! - jobs worth to the core - hope you get it sorted out soon

  7. Oh Bonnie it sounds like we are living paralell lives! It is a long story lol but I completely understand your day and week! Hang in there and keep your sense of humor! Looking forward to Orange Crush!

  8. Hi Bonnie, when I was little I remember being so hot at the beach and someone with a icy cold cart full of drinks would walk by asking if I wanted and Orange Crush , so drink up my friend and quench that thirst pretend you are at the beach and let those troubles work themselves out ! I live in NJ too by Philadelphia, and I was told I needed my birth cert. translated because it is not from here.hehehehe.Think how long that takes !!Hope all ends well soon look into public transport as well, I used a Taxie around here within 10 miles or so.

  9. LOVE the quilt photos (and your sense of humor in the face of all that governmental nonsense)! Remember to breathe...

  10. Try having your name on your Birth Certificate and your licenses different, as one had my first name, middle name and married name, the other had my middle, maiden and married name. Took lots of trips to both dmv and SS office to get it all straightened out.I would like to say all that took a lot of patience, but that would be a funny statement if you knew me, cause, patience is something I DO NOT HAVE,So I just endured and it was finally straightened out.
    Try to have a good week, J

  11. WOW! Like you needed some more...um...fun in your life.

    Check this out in your spare time...lol:

  12. North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles - the pit of bureaucracy. The police will understand...trust me...at least the highway patrol does.

    You'll get through it!

  13. What the heck kinda of situation is this?! Sheesh. Not the kind of day we need around Quiltville, is it?

    No! Its not.

    Why is this all so complicated? So that you will be deterred from moving ever again.

    Captured Quilter Love, *karendianne. ;>

  14. So sorry for the state government snafu, looks like you're being snared in this spider's web of rules and regs. This too shall pass;I have no doubt you'll look back on this (one day) and laugh. Hang in there...

  15. Bonnie, I lived in North Carolina for 20 years!
    God bless you for making the best of it!
    I hate it and only go there to visit my grand-daughter.
    The nature there is beautiful especially where you are at, but without your quillting , there is absolutely not much to do there.

  16. My Gosh - it sounds like we live in a Third World Country! ARghhh, what a pain.

    But, looking at those string quilts make up for a lot of irritation!

  17. I love string quilts, too! So much history, thrift, making-do...it's the thing I love most about quilting. Thanks for the pix!

  18. This sounds exactly like our move to GA AND our move to MN. Keith had the hardest time getting his DL in GA. I was overnighting his Birth Certificate from FL and he couldn't find his SS card - had to apply for another one you like you. His passport didn't help him either.

    To top it off, I was changing addresses for our upcoming move and realized that our registration had expired...for 18 years it's always expired at his birthday in March...through multiple moves. We'd been driving on an expired registration for over 2 months without realizing it.

    Hope you get it all straight. I just found out we have to go down to the DMV to change our address - can't do it by mail/phone/internet and we're only moving 1.5 miles!

    I'm pretty over the whole moving thing right now.

  19. I obviously am too tired to type tonight - please ignore all the typos in the first paragraph!


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