Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Next Mystery Quilt - - -Orange Crush!

Can you guess what I've been working on today?!

I'll give you a hint...it isn't laundry, or painting my unwallpapered ugly walls or working in my yard!

I'm working on our next mystery quilt!

We have a name...and we have yardage amounts!

The name of the quilt is ORANGE CRUSH. And for those of you who don't like orange, never fear, you can swap your orange out for something else.

You can read all about it here!

At the top of that page is also a link to a printer-friendly .pdf file! So many have requested pdfs that I decided it was time to splurge on some software. In time I hope to be changing all my printer friendly pages to pdf files, but this is a start anyway.

Gather your fabrics, get ready to sew! The Orange Crush Mystery begins April 1st!


  1. Okay, I'll be the first needy person to ask a question here.lol I have a piece of orange I've been dying to use, but I'm not sure it's 2 yards(it was a gift). Can I fill out the orange yardage with my orange FQS?
    Thanks Bonnie for this mystery and all the resources you have for us.

  2. I am ready for an Orange Crush. I have lots of orange, so I am in the swing of things This is such fun! Thanks for taking the time to get us going again.

  3. My fabric is gathered and I'm ready to go :0)
    Happy Easter!

  4. Yahoo! Thank you Bonnie for doing another mystery...it is so much fun to do!

  5. Bonnie, I'm confused! Am I supposed to be doing scrappy (which to me means all colors) or am I supposed to be using FOUR colors like you mention in this blog entry? And of your red, orange, blue and black, which is the light? How much of that accent fabric am I supposed to have?
    As soon as you said Orange Crush I am thinking that I was supposed to make an orange quilt for a challnge that I never did, bu I bought lots of fabric for. SO with orange, what else? Orange strips as dark, whites as the light according to your original description of light and dark strips, but that doesn't seem to work with your 'four colors' post now?

  6. I sooooo love orange!!!!

    too fun.


  7. Oh, boy . . . I can be Nana of the year! One of my grandson's just LOVES orange!

  8. I cut my 2" strips cut, all scrappy light and dark, can't wait to get started. I found a solid orange in my stash. I'll use it for the 3.5". This is so nice of you to do with your busy schuedule thank you.

  9. Just the name of this one makes me drool~


  10. I'm calling my orangeless crush...since I won't use any orange but another color group suggested by Bonnie...brown, pink, indigo, and drab green.........
    Thanks Bonnie, I'm even cleaning my sewing room in honor of the new project.....(well that and I can't move in here!!!!)

  11. Bonnie, I have never done one of your mystery's yet and I'm jumping on the band wagon this time!! I have a curious question though, how often do you supply the "clues"? Daily, weekly? Just seeing if I can organize some of my time around this one. I hope to meet you in person when you visit Maryland, mid-April!

  12. I can't wait for step #2! I am going to enjoy this!~! Thanks a lot Bonnie!~!

  13. OK Bonnie!~! Done with step three!~! I can hardly wait! This is soooo much fun!~! Thank~you!~!~

  14. OOOPS silly me!~! I am done with step TWO and anxiously waiting for step three......If you really know me it is not suprisingI made a typo mistake!

  15. OK, done with step 4 this is so much fun! Thank~you very much!


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