Saturday, March 08, 2008

Crumbs Class -----A Whole Lotta Love!!

It's saturday evening and I am finally getting around to uploading pics from last week's crumbs class! This was BY FAR the most fun class of all. There just is something that happens when a group of quilters let loose, and mess abounds. You should have seen the PILES of crumbs and scraps everywhere...it was a quilter's bomb zone! Weeeee!

We started out with basic crumb block construction, and then I let them go to town for an hour playing with their pieces and creating basic crumb blocks.

From there we went to maverick stars,and we worked on those until lunch time! By the time lunch was over, we were really "Feelin' The Love"! (of our scraps!) and so we did L & O & V & E!

Of course, you can't limit quilters, and once they caught on, many were off and running and doing their own thing! One gal did VOTE instead of LOVE, changing her L to a T, and she was going to use it on her patriotic quilt. GREAT IDEA! And then we had people doing their names, or initials....even one who wanted to spell out SCRAPS! I said, if she didn't get the hang of the S's...she could just leave it as Crap...*hehehe*

From here we worked on some wonky pieced hearts, and then spent the rest of the time using any time left on whatever they wanted to work on. It was so fun to see everyone just let loose!

I also let MYSELF loose....After the daytime guild meeting the day before, we had lunch, visited the Gone with the Wind museum, and hit an antique store, but then the rest of the day and evening was mine. Would you believe I passed up on the Atlanta area quilt shop hop....to stay in my ROOM with my featherweight and sew until midnight?! Well..believe it! Cuz I did!

I took the sample blocks for the crumbs class, and decided to sew them into this little quilt as a demo, instead of just having individual blocks to pass around. Once I got started it just grew and grew...fun, huh?

I'm teaching the crumbs class again in Asheboro NC in a couple weeks, I hope it will get even better!

Jeff is feeling much better too with the wisdom teeth thing. He is swollen, but the bleeding stopped last night. He is good on his meds, good on his rinsinge and hygiene, and hopefully won't get the dreaded dry socket.

Jason and Kim arrived about 3am (ACKKKK!!!) With their half grown kittens. My cats threw a hissy fit...Emmy Lou went under my bed, and who knows where Oscar went because he hasn't shown himself back out publicly yet. There is attic eave space through a little door in the closet wall, and I think he's in there. He's hidden in there before and I figure he'll come out when he gets hungry.

Other than that, we are just enjoying each other here. It's cold and windy out..what a great day to be in and with family and watch old movies and just be together!


  1. What a fun class. You are so-o-o talented. Oh, how I would love to take this class. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. That class looks so fun! Your sampler is so you , incredibly creative!
    The colors are great together. You are so talented, I really enjoy your blog.

  3. oh, Bonnie. This little quilt is fantastic, stunning, amazing. I love it. And wheee, I see fabric in there from our Florida retreats - I love having a connection to one of your scrap quilts.

    Your crumb class looks like so much fun. Wow, look at those blocks your students did. V-O-T-E is a great idea, I might just have to use that myself.

    Glad you're getting a bit of downtime to enjoy family before your upcoming whirlwind of events.

  4. I have GOT to take a "crumbs" class somewhere...I just can't get started by myself and I have been saving fabric bits and pieces for years. Your group sure looked like they had a great time!

  5. wi;; you ever be in the Tampa florida area?

  6. What a great time they had. I love the black and white LOVE and your demo quilt. I was wondering about the border for mine and you've given me an idea with the piano keys. Thanks.

    Hope Oscar appears soon.

  7. Looks like everyone had so much fun!! You too, stitching away on your crumbs...fun!

  8. Oh man, wished I were there! Looks so much fun!

  9. Well thanks for letting us look at your class for those of us who were not there.....I had some fun just thinking what I can make next.
    Thanks for all you do Bonnie :0)

  10. Oh I love your crumb quilt! It is wonderful! Can I be you when I grow up!

  11. I need a crumbs class too. My bin is almost full! I hope there'll be a class closer to Raleigh. :-)

  12. I love the love quilt! I need the order with the scrappy. Gorgeous!

  13. Too much fun! I have a bin of scraps just waiting for me to use when I get back to the states!!!


  14. You are so fun. I love how you stayed in your room to sew rather than shop. That's fantastic.

    And my heart goes out to Jeff. Why is it I can remember that as if it were yesterday?

    Lose that memory Karen!

  15. What a great quilt! Now I know what to do with all my little bitty pieces......hehehehehe

  16. It's amazing how great those blocks look all put together with those solid sashing pieces and the piano key border. I'm on a monochromatic crumbs theme right now (almost used up all of my pink) and I can only hope my quilt ends up looking as great as yours.

  17. What fun! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I really enjoyed the class! I have to figure out a way to pack some of my scraps in the suitcase on my next trip to the states! I love to do the stars and houses...Best of all I got to meet Tonya in Paris the following weekend and eat really good italian food.

    Jean in Metz

  19. This looks like sooo much fun!
    I wish I could be there! Maybe someday...
    Thanks for showing all the photos. I know how much time it takes to format/crop/post, so hope you know how much we enjoy looking at them.

  20. Your class looks like so much fun. I wanna play. Love the crumbs quilt. That orange border gives it zing! Sorry the son and pup are not 100 percent. Hope they are feeling better today. Remember, Bonnie - YAG!

  21. just found your site and blog. love it, and I will be back lots. unfortunately, i cannot stay here all afternoon, I have to go out!


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