Sunday, March 16, 2008

This Leprechaun is HOME!

SO...another week has gone by! What have you all been up to while I've been gallavanting around? :cD

I'd love to thank the guilds in Aiken, Santee/Elloree, and Augusta for hosting me this past week! I had a wonderful time. Everywhere I stayed a new friendship was made, or an old one was deepened and strengthened, and I thank you all!

Yesterday's class for the Virginia Bound quilt workshop was the icing on the cake. We had 26 (or was it 27? I lost count!) quilters attending, and since it was a string type scrap class, we had mess everywhere!! It was so fun....I'd walk by and the ladies would be digging into their piles...I'd come back around and the piles seem to have grown even bigger as they continued to dig and FLUFF up their scraps. We had quite the laugh about it.

This class starts with instruction for drafting your own block! So not everyone was working on the same block size. That also made the class fun. Now that the ladies know how to do it, they can draft the block in any size they want for any project they want it to fit.

Everyone had different color/fabric choices they were working on, and it made for some interesting blocks. We had christmas fabrics with a gold background, we had christmas fabrics with a cream background, we had blue/cream.....purples/blues/teals against pastels, we had purples against green, green against cream, brights against black, plaids against shirtings, orientals against creams, you name it, we had every color combo under the sun and they were fabulous!

The facility was great too. Lots of light and lots of room to spread out. Lunch was provided, the best chicken strips, and I'm not kidding you.

We finished up about 4pm and I hit the road right then anxious to get back to Winston Salem. It was a 4 1/2 hour drive from Augusta all the way home, and a good part of it was through black nasty thunderstorms, but I knew coming north that I'd work my way out of the way of this storm system, so I kept going. I just wanted to be home and sleep in my own bed.

Thursday and Friday nights were fun and special for me, as I got to stay with my son & his significant other :c) It was the first time I got to see their place since they moved in, and we had a really good time. They are fixing their place up so cute and homey. Jason was even spending time in the yard on friday, and that tickled me. When he was growing up he would grumble and moan about having to do yard work, and here he is working on their place! I'm proud of both he and Kim for how hard they are working to make this house a home for the two of them.

I've got lots of packing and organizing to do. Tomorrow night I'm doing a trunkshow/lecture in Durham NC! At least it is closer to home. I'm meeting the gals from that guild for dinner which should be fun. It's just a quick evening thing.

I have a June 2nd deadline for my book, AND...I got a call from my Editor while I was away! I am so excited about this book project. You'll just have to bear with me if posts aren't as frequent while I buckle down and make this dream come true!

For those wanting to participate in the next mystery..that is still ON. I just need a couple weeks to get everything together so I will be posting the fabric requirements on April 1st! And we'll go from there.....


  1. So good to have you home Bonnie! I've missed reading your updates on your blog. The string class looks like a lot of fun was had by all, with some wonderful show n' tell!
    I'm looking forward to the new April mystery as I missed out on the last one. I know I could go back and do it, but I think being part of each step is really fun.
    I'm sure you are going to be very busy writing from now until final draft of the new book. Take care, and do take a well deserved rest while you are at home.

  2. Oh! Oh! I LOVE this quilt!! I have been wanting to make a string-type quilt and this is perfect! I love the pieced light part of the block, I haven't ever seen that in this pattern...but it makes sense to make that part out of strings, too...Ok, now I just really need to do this one!! That workshop looks like it was so much fun! I wish you would come to So. CA...=-)

  3. Bonnie, I must have missed that you're writing a book. Sooooo exciting! I'll definitely have a copy, it'll be almost like having a workshop with you ...

  4. Your class looks like everyone had such a productive, fun time. I wish you would come to California, but Northern CA as well. I would love to be in one of your classes. Good luck on the book. You know we are all waiting for it, as well as the next mystery.

  5. Oohhhh... what great varieties of fabric and colors! Now I want to make this quilt too!

  6. Wheee, this looks like so much fun. What a great class. You have a book deadline that soon??? Eeeeek. but definitely exciting all at the same time.

  7. That soon!? Goodness. Lovely scrappy stars.

  8. Wow, some beautiful color combos there. I think I want to copy all of them. BTW, what do you call this pattern?

  9. I love that quilt Bonnie. Any chance we could get the pattern?

  10. This pattern is going in the book, so you just have to wait! And for some reason, blogger isn't sending comments to my email, so I have to come to the blog to find them! (*&@#$(*&!


  11. Love this pattern~ well done, each and every one!

  12. Ooh I love this pattern too! Can't wait to try it.

  13. Spring!
    I can't wait, we are still waiting for the snow to melt :0)

  14. Just wanted to let you know I'd be happy to do a quilt top for your book and my long arm quilter will even quilt it!
    Just let me know :0)

  15. I am sooo excited about your new book! And I LOVE this quilt. I think you said it will be in the book right? I can't wait!

  16. Love these blocks!!! String quilts are my new fascination--and these are wonderful!


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