Friday, March 07, 2008

Misery Loves Company!!

Can you see Buddy with his broken leg up on the couch? He won't leave Jeff's side! Sadie does her part watching out for Jeff too.

This morning was Jeff's goodbye-to-the-wisdom-teeth day! I am so impressed with how smoothly this went. You know how it is when you move somewhere new, and you don't have a doc, a dentist, a hair stylist, etc? And if you get someone, they are backlogged for weeks and weeks?

Although I hate the fact that we were forced to find a vet, a dentist, and an oral surgeon so soon after moving, I am so relieved with the help and concern we have been shown with these issues.

DH took Jeff to the dentist the same day I left for Atlanta, and they set him up an appt with the oral surgeon for Wednesday, the morning after my return from Atlanta. his wisdom tooth removal was set for 11:30 this morning, and yesterday they called with a cancellation and said we could get him in at 8:30am today!

This is better...since Jeff couldn't have anything to eat or drink past midnight. We got there, the surgery took 1/2 hour...and we were home! I've been to the pharmacy for his meds. I've been to the grocery store for an assortment of jello cups, rice pudding cups, yogurt, popsicles (Ice lollies for those of you down unda!) and ice cream. I hate the fact that all soft/cold foods seem to be SWEET...so I got some macaroni salad and potato salad too.

So right now, he is in the recliner on the sofa..ice pack up to one cheek, alternating every 15 minutes or so to the other cheek, gauze pads in place, looking like a chipmunk! POOR GUY! I remember my wisdom teeth surgery so vividly that I can imagine how he's feeling, though right now he assures me he is feeling NOTHING. I tried to get him to take a pain pill, but he says his tongue is too numb to swallow, and we tried and the pill wouldn't go down, and though I hate to wait before getting pain meds in him, I don't know what else to do?

It also says not to take the meds without some kind of food, and he doesn't feel like having anything on his stomach yet, so I guess I'll wait a bit and see.

****UPDATE**** as of 12:12 pm we have SUCCESS at getting Jeff to get pain meds down!

I'm playing nurse-mom today, and getting ready for Jason and Kim to come tonight. The guestroom is ALMOST ready, at least the bed is sleepable and they have TV access in there. What more do they expect from Mom's B&B?! I'm excited to have them here. Jason came a few weeks ago, but Kim was still in school so she couldn't get time off.

It's going to be a busy weekend, and then I head off again. This time back to Aiken SC for a trunkshow/lecture on monday, Lake Marion Quilters in Elloree, SC on Wednesday, and then a workshop in Augusta GA on Saturday! In between I'll be able to crash at Kim & Jason's new place. Here we go again!


  1. Hope Jeff feels better soon. My DS had all 4 wisdom teeth out plus one other tooth - All on Christmas Eve. He was up and around pretty quick though.

  2. But wait....Jeff is under a healing mom quilt, where's Buddy's? =)

    Are the pills the type that could be crushed up? You could mix it into a short milk shake and he could spoon it in.

  3. Try smoothies - frozen fruit, yogurt, juice. I had a tooth extracted on Monday and smoothies and tomato soup saved the day for me. I still have a black and blue mark on my cheek, though.
    Do you think you might ever come to Indiana for a Trunk Show/Workshop?

  4. Awww, Bonnie; I feel so sad for both of them. I'd try crushing up a pill and mixing it, like Jen suggested. He should at least try to stay ahead of the pain even though he doesn't think he wants the pain pill. I'm afraid that I don't know any no-fail way to heal, despite rumors to the contrary. Hang in there, friend!

  5. Believe it or not this surgery is not as painful as it use to be, neither of my kids used the pain medication I got for them. I think better surgical technique and sharper instruments have made this easier for kids. My son went out for pizza 2 days post op....really!
    Remember no sucking through straws, spoon in smoothies, and no carbonated drinks.......ugh there goes the RN part of me coming out.
    He looks very peaceful and will probably have a quick recovery...after all he is under a quilt made with love :0).

    Happy travels Bonnie!

  6. I agree about giving Jeff his pain meds, even though he feels he doesn't need them yet. If he doesn't like the gauze pads inside his mouth, the dentist told me that tea bags would work too. I couldn't tolerate the taste of the guaze. It made me feel really sick.

  7. oh my goodness! looking at that crew of yours makes my heart ache! i bet buddy is more worried about jeff then he is about his leg!

    hang in there, mom!

  8. When my daughter had her wisdom teeth surgically removed she took 3 days off work and by the end of the first day after surgery she was bored and wishing she hadn't taken so many days off. She didn't have much pain either. Having a quilt to snuggle under and pets to watch over you makes it all better too!! :)

  9. My daughter had all 4 impacted wisdom teeth out a year ago, and she never needed anything stronger than liquid Advil. Mashed potatoes (homemade) along with macaroni and cheese are great also. Be sure to rinse, rinse, rinse to avoid the dreaded Dry Socket!

  10. We made potatoe soup and ran it through a blender for our DS when he had his removed.

    Hope they both feel better soon.

    Terri - Long time reader, but new commentor ;)

  11. Good to hear the surgery went well. He'll be back to normal in no time especially with Buddy keeping him company.

  12. Bonnie
    aren't kids (even adult aged ones)horrid when taking tablets?
    You know, you could tell him another option is 'suppository' that gets my kids onto the tabs quick smart!
    popsicles - Ice Blocks in aussieland btw.. I never heard of Ice Lolly's here, but I think thats what my rellies in the UK call them!

    take care and good luck with the patients!

  13. I hope everyone is feeling better really soon. You sure have been busy since you arrived, it seems like it never rains, but it pours.

  14. Anonymous8:40 PM EST

    Poor doggy and poor son! Lots of hurts in the house. Take care everyone!

  15. How comforting for Jeff to have all those watchful eyes, a furry pal that knows how a doctor's office can be, and mom's warm quilt to snuggle under. I'd say that those will make for some great memories and the picture of them all is wonderful.


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