Friday, March 02, 2007

Trunk Shows & Workshops!

Due to much coersion (and prodding and needling and encouragement!) I have decided to expand my horizons and offer trunk shows and workshops for my quilts to guilds and shops!

I've taught some guild workshops before and done a couple of trunk shows, but it was all very local and with people I knew. So this is a bit exciting and scary for me! If you are within 500 miles of Columbia SC, please forward the following info to your local guild program chairman, or your favorite shop owner!

(Yes, this message is completely spam, so I beg you to bear with this shameless plug of a post!!)


Scrap Quilts - This trunk show includes a variety of quilts made in traditional patterns, as well as original Quiltville patterns designed by Bonnie Hunter. Emphasis on traditional scrap and "utility" piecing. Focus is placed on using a wide variety of fabrics and leftovers from other projects. "If it's still ugly, it just hasn't been cut small enough!!"

Utility Quilts - strings, crumbs, and orphans: What to do with the humblest of scraps! String and "crumb" piecing is fast, fun and rewarding. Great techniques for charity quilts.

Scrap User's System- This lecture takes you through my years of scrap quilting and how I have organized my scraps and leftovers to be easily ascessible and workable into my quilt making. Also includes discussion of tools of the trade that I find helpful in my scrap using. I am a scrap USER, not just a scrap saver! There is a difference....this lecture will inspire quilters to organize their scraps and start turning them into beautiful quilts.

Trunk shows last approximately one hour + Q&A and will be illustrated with loads of my quilts. I will need two volunteers to hold quilts and a table to lay quilts on.

Any of the patterns listed on the Quiltville website can be taught as a workshop. Please contact me for details.

Crumb Piecing - students will bring scraps and strips to share with others in the class so that everyone has a variety of fabrics to play with. I will demonstrate a variety of ways to piece crumb blocks including wonky log cabin, string, and free form. I'll bring my own Crumb quilts for inspiration.

Fees for Lectures and Workshops:
All lectures are illustrated with actual quilts, not slides.

Lecture fee: $200 plus expenses

Attendance for all workshops is limited to 20 students.
1 day $400 plus expenses

Lectures and Workshops can be combined for consecutive days. Please contact Bonnie for details.

If your guild or shop is within 100 miles of Columbia, SC, no lodging will be required, except in the event of bad weather, but round-trip mileage is required at the current federal rate.

Most of my quilts are full bedsize...so it is neccessary that I drive to all lectures/workshops as there is no way to transport enough quilts for a successful trunk show by plane. :c) (Weight limits,you know?!) Due to having to drive for all lectures/workshops, I am limited to a drive no longer than 8 hours (or approximately 500 miles) in any direction from Columbia SC. Locations farther than 100 miles from Columbia, SC will require lodging and
round-trip mileage at the current federal rate.

I am also available to come teach and give trunk shows at guild retreats!

Massage Therapy!

Consider the Benefits of Massage Therapy for your Guild Retreat!

Did you know I am a licensed massage therapist? I am nationally certified in therapeautic massage and body work. Make your retreat extra special by offering relaxing and therapeutic massage for tired, sore, hard working quilters! Special attention given to all the areas that quilters abuse.....neck, head, shoulders, between the shoulder blades, mid and low back issues, hips, legs, feet, arms, hands....Your retreat attendees will experience the best of both worlds! What could be better than a retreat away sewing with quilting friends AND an on-site massage therapist? :c)

For further information contact Bonnie.


  1. That's great! I wish you were closer to Maine.

  2. I saw this on your site the other day and immediately was jealous that I didn't lie closer to you. Although my guild has historically been pretty cheap about paying for lecturers. I love your quiltville site and have made three quilts from your patterns so far. Thanks for introducing me to the joys of scrap quilting.

  3. Good luck with it Bonnie - I wish you were over in the UK but sadly my guild couldn't afford your travel expenses :o)

  4. I just mapquested Columbia to Chicago, and it is 802 miles, a bit out of range. You have many Bonnie Fans here who would like to be include when your cross country tour happens!

  5. Maybe when I get back to the states? I still remember your first visit to the guild and how exciting it was to see quilt after quilt come out of the bag! too much fun! Of course if you did come to England you would have a place to stay and someone to drive you around!!!

  6. What a terrific venture, Bonnie! I wish you many *gigs* and safe travels!!!


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